Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm Dreaming Of The Pine Tree Inn circa 1954

Daniel at Getafilm has tagged me for the brilliant Meme titled The Favorite Movie Period/Place. And then Thomas at Pluck You, Too! tagged me as well.

In Daniel's intro to this Meme, he admits it can be a daunting task trying to decide what your favorite movie period or place could be. It's a wide open area. And when he started listing the possibilities, I even waivered a bit. But who the hell is Daniel to make me question my decision? I mean, it's my decision, it's not his. So take your Roman Empire and 1970's Manhattan and 16th Century Mesoamerica and put it in your pocket Daniel, because my favorite place, with no hesitation whatsoever, is the Vermont ski lodge Pine Tree Inn located in Columbia, Vermont from the film White Christmas.

Why? Is it because I love to ski? Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, I hate to ski. I've never been so scared as when I went skiing. Is it because I love, love, love cold weather? Hell to the no. As I grow older I have discovered that my patience for cold weather grows shorter and shorter every minute. Then why, Piper? Why? Tell us. Tell us right now.

Okay, okay. Settle down. I'll tell you. The reason is comfort. Looking at the insides of that lodge is like wrapping myself in a large extra furry blanket and being carted off to bed by a super human twice my size who is coddling me like a baby.

I fantasize about having a hot toddy by the open fire and then spontaneously breaking into song with some friends. Some friends who wouldn't mind if I broke into spontaneous song while drinking a hot toddy. Or taking in a dance or a show in the always packed ballroom. Or better yet, I am the Inn Keeper. I gather logs for the fire and make drinks for weary travelers looking to break their necks or legs on the slopes. And while I'm doing that, I may just break into spontaneous song.

Jeez, maybe this has nothing at all to do with The Pine Tree Inn and more to do with me just looking for a reason to break into song.

So here are the rules of the Meme.

1.) Think of a place (real or fictional) and time (past, present, future) portrayed in a movie (or a few) that you would love to visit.
2.) List the setting, period, applicable movie, and year of the applicable movie's release (for reference).
3.) Explain why, however you'd like (bullet points, list, essay form, screenshots, etc.). If this is a time and place that you have intimate knowledge of, feel free to describe what was done well and what wasn't done well in portraying it.
4.) If possible, list and provide links to any related movies, websites, books, and/or articles that relate to your choice (s).
5.) Modify Rules #1-4 to your liking. And come up with a better name for this meme.
Link back to this Getafilm post in your post, please.
7.) Tag at least five others to participate!

And here's who I'm tagging.

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Jason Bellamy said...

Piper: Thanks for the tag, but I beat you to it.

I like your pick. Anyplace where candles on a birthday cake blow themselves out (pay attention to that scene, if you haven't before), is a cool place to be.

PIPER said...


Shit. I'm so late probably everybody I picked has already done it. And if I was a good blogger, I would already know that, but I've been out of the blogging world lately.

You know, I've seen White Christmas probably a dozen times and I've never noticed that. But that probably brings me to the reason why I love every set in this movie. From the opening set to the Copa where they perform Sisters to the train, everything has this dreamy sheen to it. I love the fakeness of it all.

Rick Olson said...

Hey, Pat: thanks for the tab, but Daniel beat you to it. (you can read it here.

Great piece, however: I love lodges like that, they always seem to be the most comfortable places around.

PIPER said...

Of course.

Well, it should be enough to know that you and Jason are loved. And I'm sure Greg has probably done it as well.

FilmDr said...

Thanks for the tag, Piper. For some reason, your choice reminded me of the Overlook Hotel of Kubrick's The Shining, a place I wouldn't mind hanging out in (except for certain rooms). I'll post about my favorite place soon.

PIPER said...

Ah, someone I tagged who hasn't done it yet. Wonderful. I look forward to your piece Film Dr.

Daniel Getahun said...

Ha, I will put this in my pocket, thank you very much. I'm psyched a movie and place came to you so naturally, and thanks for passing the meme along. So far every choice has been unique and inspired, including yours.

But your hilarious description of "wrapping myself in a large extra furry blanket and being carted off to bed by a super human twice my size who is coddling me like a baby" does reveal one underlying reason - you must be a big Snuggie fan...:-P

Greg said...

Thanks for the tag I'll get to work on it in just a few months. Promise! Okay, maybe a little sooner.

Alex said...

Awww what a splendid choice! It would indeed be nice to be in a place where it can snow enough in a few minutes for a full-on horse-drawn carriage to pull into your ballroom space. And wanting to spontaneously break out into song is easily the best reason to live somewhere!

Curtis Lineberry said...

I like your choice, however it is "The Columbia Inn" in Pine Tree , Vermont.Great place to be in winter!