Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Oscars. Now With Even More Suck

I coach Soccer for the YMCA. I have coached soccer for several years now. I don't coach competitive soccer. And because I don't coach competitive soccer, I play all my kids. Every game. Regardless of talent. They all get to play. And because of this, there are no hurt feelings.

The Oscars ain't the YMCA. This is supposed to be the tippy top as it relates to film competitions. Only now the Oscars want to play it nice. They want to make sure that everyone gets included. That everyone feels loved. It's obvious now that the Oscars are no longer about true craftsmanship and are all about the bottom line. Maybe I should have seen this coming. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised that the lush red curtain has finally been pulled aside to reveal this.

I would say that in the past few years, I've been hard-pressed to pick five pictures worthy of an award. And now there are going to be ten?

Let me give an early congratulations to Michael Bay for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen getting a Best Picture nod.


Ed Howard said...

It's obvious now that the Oscars are no longer about true craftsmanship and are all about the bottom line.

No longer? Were they ever about anything but the bottom line?

Emily Blake said...

At the very least, why can't they make it a variable number? If there are five good movies one year, nominate 5. If there are 7, nominate 7. And if there are 10, well then, nominate 10. Why does it always have to be the same number?

Like this year, The Wrestler deserved a nomination. Would it have been so hard to nominate 6 films?

Marilyn said...

Ditto what Ed said. All film blogs should boycott the Oscars.

PIPER said...


Probably not. But I've always had high hopes for it.


You might be on to something. But I guess who is to say how many movies are worthy? I would say that really last year, none were worthy of a best picture award.

In the article I read, there was an argument that The Dark Knight would have been included. Really? Seriously?


This might be the first year I do that.

Greg said...

I don't coach competitive soccer but if I did I would only play the absolute best kids. If the other kids were like, "Hey, why can't I play?" I'd be like, "Because you suck, loser, that's why. See, moron, I don't play namby-pamby sissy boy losers like you. Does dum-dum understand now?"

And if their parents got mad I'd just say, "Oh I'm sorry. You're boy sucks so bad at soccer I thought maybe he was here as a part of the Make a Wish Foundation where he could pretend to be on a team before he died. You mean he's not dying, he just sucks really, really bad? Man, how embarrassing for you and your uber-sucky loser kid!"

Then I'd get drunk.

PIPER said...

Good morning, Greg.

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