Friday, September 4, 2009

It's Nice To See Tim Burton Producing Good Movies Instead Of Producing Bad Movies

Did you get that headline? Did you? See what I did is use the word Produced in two different ways. Get it? See, Tim Burton is "Producing" the upcoming movie 9 and it looks to be pretty good. And he's the "Producer" on it. On junk like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he's just the director. But he still "Producing" work, even though he doesn't actually have the title of "Producer" on the work. Are you getting any of this? Cause it's pretty damn good and kind of heady. Honestly, I'm not sure I get the joke anymore. Wait. Hang on. Okay, I still get it and yeah, it's pretty good.



the only problem is that "9" isn't "Good"

Emily Blake said...

9's got 86% on Rotten Tomatoes right now. Sounds good to me.

The trailer has me hooked. I'm off to see it Wednesday during the day while the kids are back to school.

PIPER said...


That's too bad. Maybe I should change the headline to say sorta good? Kinda good? Not great? Tell me when I'm getting warm here.


When the kids are back to school? But wait, you're a teacher. So you say something like "I'll be right back" and then you go and see a movie?

BTW, where is it that you teach? I shot some stuff at a high school in East LA not too long ago. And if you're anywhere in that vicinity, you've got your work cut out for you.

Emily Blake said...

My school's pretty close to downtown and it's year round. I'm off track right now. I always forget tat most schools are on a different schedule.

If you were involved in the Bratz movie you shot at our school so that was pretty awesome. I think we've also had some Ben Stiller movie shot there too.

Fletch said...

I haven't seen 9, but I was gonna say that Burton's movies (directed by, produced by, or otherwise), typically look good...before we see them. I'd like to wait until I see 9 to declare it good.

Of course, his production of Alice in Wonderland looks like fried turtle crap. Must mean it'll be awesome.

Squish said...


As you know, I'm following in your footsteps and hosting the second (annual?) James Bond-O-Thon, and like you did last year it will be held the second week of November. Until then, I'll be reviewing all Bond films in chronological order. Enjoy, and please visit from time to time to see how the Old boy is doing.
And of course, you're invited to the november 'Thon.