Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mark Them Calendars. There's A TOERIFC Conversation Going On September 14th

Membership in The Oldest Established Really Important Film Club has its privileges. For instance, if I'm stuck in a Third World Country and have lost all my money, TOERIFC will front me some cash. The down side of that is that you have to then do "favors" for Greg at Cinema Styles and those "favors" are unspeakable.

But that's not really important right now. What's important is that I'm hosting this month's discussion about the film If... I chose it solely for the ellipses because I do love those so.

So once again, mark your calendars for September 14th and I hope to see you here.


Ed Howard said...

Cool, I'm looking forward to it. This is another of those movies I actually own but still haven't watched, so this'll be a good excuse to get to it.

PIPER said...


The same with me. I've owned it since it came out on Criterion and have not seen it. I picked it solely as motivation so that I would finally see it.

Greg said...

I'm up on everyone for once. Yes! I've seen this movie four or five times already so watching it again will simply be a refresher for me. Check out O Lucky Man and Britannia Hospital after seeing it to complete the trilogy.

And Pat, I have a favor to ask of you and yes, it involves body bags again. I'll be in touch.