Monday, March 8, 2010

Weird Thing

First, let me apologize. I know that there are probably two people out there who read this blog who I have left hanging with my Apocalypse Preparation. Two people who had done everything I've asked of them. But then I left them hanging. Truth be told, I was held up in my Apocalyptic Shelter waiting for what I thought would be the inevitable. But then a pigeon appeared at my door with a note attached to it. The note simply read "Avatar did not win everything. You're a moron." This note was sent from my wife who never believed that the Apocalypse was on the horizon. So I guess despite the fact that Sandra Bullock won for best actress and Tim Burton is still to head the Cannes Jury despite very mixed and sometimes venomous reviews of his box office winner. Wait, did I say winner? I mean to say wiener.

Alright, that's me just kind of rambling. The truth is that even if Avatar won everything under the sun, the Apocalypse wouldn't have happened due to one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse coming down with the H1-N1 Flu. And you can't really have an Apocalypse with three horsemen. So, there we are. Feel free to go about your normal days, consuming gobs of materials that you don't need and worrying about stuff that really isn't that important. Or as I like to describe it, complete bliss.

And now on to the Oscars, which were a really nice surprise. Who would have thought that amongst the mess that was ten best picture nominations, there would be justice in the form of The Hurt Locker winning most everything. But that's how funny the Oscars are.

Some favorites from the night.

One of the red carpet commentators saying that Sandra Bullock should win an Oscar because she was "due." Oh yeah, from all those great movies she's done that no one has noticed before.

The Kayne moment was weird.

How in the world does Avatar win for best cinematography?

I was glad to see Fisher Stevens get recognized for another great accomplishment. You know, other than Short Circuit. (More on this later)

Every time I look at Suzy Amis, I think how Kathryn Bigelow would look if she had stayed married to James Cameron.

The true injustice of the night was not Sandra Bullock beating out Streep and everyone else for Best Actress. It was the Pixar propaganda machine making people believe that Up was better than Fantastic Mr. Fox. It never was and never will be. I would argue that Fantastic Mr. Fox was the most interesting movie of last year.

That is all. Lazy Eye Apocalyptic Preparation Theatre from here on in will change back to Lazy Eye Theatre.



Squish said...

I'm Kreativ! you're Kreativ too!

Tommy Salami said...

Must agree with you on Fantastic Mr. Fox. I love Pixar, but Up really went downhill after the amazing opener. I wanted a movie with Ellie. Ed Asner was awesome but the story was very lacking, with the standard villain and "save da boid" plot.

PIPER said...


I saw Fox with my kids twice in about a week because we all loved it so much. Then I went and purchased the book to read to my daughter. When I was finished, I loved the movie even more because Anderson captured the essence of the book and then made it his own. Normally, I wouldn't be a fan of that, but when you've got a signature as strong as Anderson's, it's okay by me.

Simon said...

I like this new name better.

And I maintain that the Bullock win will at least bring drought.

Greg said...

I know that there are probably two people out there who read this blog...

Squish, Tommy, Simon and me make four. Ha, ha, Piper can't count! No wonder you were so painfully wrong about the apocalypse. Last time I get my end-world news from you.

Greg said...

I hate bloggers who don't respond to comments. You just made the list Piper.

You've made a powerful enemy today. Mark this day and start rueing for this day is to be rued. Rued!

Garrett Sorrels said...

good call on Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was excellent. I liked Up, but would definitely agree abouth Fox being much better. Plus, all the work that went into that movie was incredible.

12XU said...

i agree with the cinematography award.

I was really surprised basterds didn't win best editing. I have never left a film thinking how well edited it was until i left basterds. the buildup of tension was perfectly paced.

PIPER said...


I was going to respond but now I'm not going to. Oh wait, this is response. Dammit!

You all fell for the oldest blogging trick in the book. Better traffic through self depreciation.

Reel Whore said...

Seeing Fisher Stevens out there was a high point for me, too. Glad to know he's remembered for more than Key West.

BTW, Mr. Fox rocks and should've beat Up!