Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lazy Eye Apocalypse Preparation Day 24

I don't know if you guys know this or not, but there's an emerging technology out there. Something called Podcasting? It's where people record their voices and then cast it out to thousands and millions of people. Maybe even billions. Yeah, I'm serious. This technology exists right now. Not 2 years from now, but right this instant. And I've used it. I have. No Mom, it's not the work of the devil. It's useful. Especially when you have stuff to rant about, like the Oscars, which by the way are going to be the end of everything as I have stated previously. So anyway, a co-worker/friend of mine Jeremy at the Yet To Be Named Podcast and the Martini Shaker along with a super swell guy named Trip Ross invited me to be a part of this podcast. He told me to just say a few words, no longer than a minute of actual conversation would be needed from me. Well, screw that, I said. So I talked and I talked and I talked until Jeremy's computer ran out of tape, because we still use tape to record stuff, right? And even though I paid no attention to Jermy's guidelines, he agreed to still run the podcast anyway because he feels sorry for me.

So I'm sure a lot of you have been sitting at home eating a bowl of your favorite cereal and inbetween bites have thought "I wonder what Piper's voice sounds like?" I know you have thought that to yourself, so don't deny it. You've thought "I wonder if his voice is kind of whiney, or bold and mysterious, or is it kind of nasally due to a deviated septum that he suffered from frisbee football in Jr. High." If you chose the last one, you would be right.

So read no longer. Instead, listen to this heady conversation about the upcoming Oscars.

Right HERE.


Mike Lippert said...

Podcasts? Jesus, I can barely get the stupid pictures where I want them on my blog, let alone being ready to be incorporating podcasts into it. Good job though, enjoyed the talk.

Fletch said...

I'm so far ahead of the game it's not even funny. I already knew what your voice sounded like.

Looking forward to this.

Burbanked said...

"All the Michael Bay stuff has really screwed us up. THE DARK KNIGHT, AVATAR - those are blockbusters. Those are great blockbusters."

And then I remembered why Piper is just so awesome.

Kramer said...

You do well with a podcast/radio setting because you say everything with such conviction (And a comedy penis.), even on the little stuff. I'm pretty sure you could fill two hours about who writes worse dialog, Cameron or Lucas.