Monday, November 27, 2006

We will miss you Robert Altman (1925-2006)

When I found out that Robert Atlman died, I immediately wondered if Julianne Moore would go pantless for the week out of respect.

Sadly, I heard no reports of this. Altman is a lot like Woody Allen. He's a filmmaker. He makes films. A lot of them. And when you make that many films, you're going to make some shitty ones. And he did.

Dr. T and the Women
The Company

But he also made some brilliant movies

Gosford Park
The Player
The Long Goodbye

Robert gave us the mumble that passed as dialogue, the snap zoom as style rather than gimmick, really long takes, a non-linear stoyline, Robert Duvall as a monster, Robin Williams with freakish arms, and yes, a pantless Julianne Moore.

As bad as he was, as brilliant as he has been, he has no doubt done it his way. And in Hollywood that truly is something.

Thanks for the memories Robert.

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3rdmartini said...

Farewell to a damn talented Kansas Citian.

In addition to his feature film career, he worked for the Calvin Company in Kansas City making educational films. Many of those films are available at the Prelinger Archives, the finest of which being the classic Your Name Here.