Thursday, December 21, 2006

Michael Bay Finds His One Special Purpose

Thank you Michael Bay. Thank you for realizing that you are not a serious director. Thank you for taking your chips from the serious films card table (Pearle Harbor) and going home to do fun action movies. I know, I know Michael, it's not all your fault. Jerry was there goading you along, filling your head with all sorts of big ideas. But there's an important message here Michael and I want you to listen closely. You too Jerry. Don't equate big box office with major talent. You can shoot a car racing down an open road like nobody's business, but Jon Voight as FDR? Come on buddy.

But that's looking in the rear-view mirror Michael and I'm not about all that. Let's look to the future. And that's exactly where you are with your next movie Transformers. And judging from the trailer, it looks pretty damn good. But listen up and I want you to pinky swear on this Michael. The Island was not a hit and I'm sure a bit humbling, so if Transformers becomes some mega monster history maker, I don't want you doing some Hurricane Katrina movie. Okay? Promise?


Anonymous said...

Is the "One Special Thing" similar to "Special Purpose"? Perhaps finding that would help him find clarity as well.


Piper said...

Special purpose is better. I'm making the change.