Monday, July 6, 2009

Roland Emmerich Can Go Screw

I've watched Roland Emmerich blow up the White House and the Empire State Building and most of Los Angeles. I've watched him drown the Statue Of Liberty and flood all of New York. He has destroyed the United States time and time again in terrible movie after terrible movie. And now he's going to do it again with his next disaster flick 2012.

Here's what I want to know. At what point does Homeland Security start investigating this guy, because he sure does get his rocks off making a mess of this place.


Hokahey said...

I'm a big fan of disaster movies. I like to observe what people do in times of crisis. I'm not a big fan of Independence Day but I consider The Day After Tomorrow to be great, silly entertainment with a lot to offer - tornadoes taking out L.A.; a tsunami swamping Manhattan; an ice age; a touching performance by Ian Holm; Dennis Quaid; fun CGI; no Transformers.

I'm really looking forward to 2012 though I know it borrows a lot from Deep Impact which borrows a lot from When Worlds Collide. WWC and Crack in the World got me started on my love for disaster movies.

PIPER said...


I agree. I too am a fan of the disaster movie and I'm sure JA from My New Plaid Pants might weigh in here and curse me for bagging on this stuff, since he absolutely loves these movies, but when I saw the trailer I knew it by Emmerich. It just reeks of everything else he's done.

When I saw the White House blow up in Independence Day, I have to say there was some excitement to that because I had never seen anything like it. But now, the awe is over.

Hokahey said...

Yeah, the blowing up of stuff like the White House is so old. But I do love an awesome natural disaster. I like the power-of-nature element in a film. We have all this technology but when it comes to Dante's Peak or the ice age, there's not much we can do. I love nature's fury.

Bob Turnbull said...

Piper, I think you'll love this version of the "2012" trailer:

And while we're at it - Baysplosions!

I found that last one on Ebert's blog. It's only 43 seconds, but it had me guffawing (yes, I said guffawing) by the end.

Kramer said...

Can I add to this discussion my distaste for trailers that show you everything worth seeing in a movie. I get the feeling I have now seen pretty much every cool disaster element of 2012 now.

And Robot Chicken is the best thing that has ever happened.

Hokahey said...

Yeah, too bad about the trailer. It tells the whole story. Even though I closed my eyes tightly (I want to see the images the first time when I see the whole movie), I heard the When Worlds Collide of building special "ships" to save humanity. A lot of people don't like the unknown. Too bad. Even the gigantic lobby display I saw today gives away the fact that Santa Monica breaks into pieces and falls into the sea (you can see the ferris wheel from the Santa Monica Pier peeking out of the ocean). Damn, I love Santa Monica!

12XU said...

great point, piper.
there must be a great news story somewhere about how this poor german director was once snubbed by uncle sam and then plotted his revenge.

PIPER said...


I just watched that trailer, and it's awesome. Disaster Porn! Perfect.