Thursday, October 22, 2009

Evil Clown Wants You To Know Something

He wants you to know that even though you've got that mole on your face that's got that hair coming out of it. Even though you walk with a limp and have that hump on your back. And even though that's a really bad stitch job they did with that brain transplant. You're still all very special people in my eyes.

Oh yeah, he also want you to know that there's an Italian Horror Blog-a-Thon going on right now over at Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies.


elgringo said...

Let's do it!

Greg said...

What a great banner to advertise it. I wonder what graphic design genius came up with that one?

elgringo said...
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elgringo said...

I got the blog-a-thons mixed up. I want to write about Black Sunday for this one.

I wrote about Twilight Zone: The Movie for Invasion of the B-Movies' Reasons Not to Have Kids blog-a-thon.

Fletch said...

Aw, gee thanks, Evil Clown. We miss your evilness.

elgringo said...

Hey Evil Clown,
could you shoot me an e-mail about a special He Shot Cyrus event I want you to participate in?

My e-mail is:

There weren't any e-mail links in your blogger profile for me to send your information to.

El Gringo

Greg said...

So... uh... are you done blogging?

elgringo said...

Hey there,
I e-mailed you a couple weeks ago but haven't heard back. Is still the right place to e-mail you?

El Gringo
He Shot Cyrus

EVIL CLOWN said...


I got your e-mail. Thanks. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I've been really busy as of late.

I'm going to have to pass due mostly to my schedule.

But thanks for thinking of me.

Greg said...

You know, when I do posts like the Planet of the Apes post I did at the beginning of the week, I think, "This is the kind of post Pat would do too," and then I think how you're not blogging anymore and I say to myself, "Woo Hoo! No competition!"

But seriously, I do think of you when I write something smart-assy. And believe it or not, I really do mean that as a compliment.

Okay, I'm off to the bank now. Back to work.