Thursday, January 28, 2010

Welcome to Piper's Kreativ! Korner

Hello and welcome. My name is Piper and this is my store called Kreativ! Korner... see, even the name is Kreativ. I'm always being praised for being Kreativ. Just the other day I wore two completely different colored socks and someone called me Kreativ! for it. Actually, they mumbled something to someone while my back was turned and then that person and the person next to them got a really good chuckle. I couldn't understand what they said, but it had to be something like "man alive, that guy is Kreativ!"

Anyway, please take a moment and look at my Krazy Kreativ! Krafts section where you'll find a plethora of hand-made ashtrays that also double as a great candy dish (see, that's me being Kreativ! again). Then there's also my handwoven bibs, made from real human hair! And my six finger mittens. Use that extra finger to store a tissue!

Then there's also my Kreativ! Korner Korner or as I like to call it Kreativ! Korner Squared, where you can go and record yourself saying something really Kreativ!, like "why can't the sky be purple?" or "I think there should be a new language and I'm going to make up that language right now in Piper's Kreativ! Korner Korner because I feel Kreativ." But please refrain from saying things about me personally, like the way I dress, or how I keep my hair, or my personal hygene. Let's keep it positiv. See how I left the "e" off that? Kreativ!

Anyway, like I said earlier. People are always saying I'm Kreativ! Just the past few days a couple of people gave me this great award. Greg at the always something or other Cinema Styles and Jason Soto at the incredibly fill in the blank Invasion of The B Movies. I've already used random objects around the house to make a frame for it so I can hang it on my wall. Random objects to make a frame? Who does that? Mr. Kreativ!, that's who.

Anyway, so as part of receiving this award, I need to give up seven things about me. And those seven things are, of course, going to be about how Kreativ! I am. Ready?

1. I grow hair on my chin so that I look Kreativ!

2. I wear only funky and hard to find glasses.

3. Sometimes I spell my name ParstvxwnlYr with the rsvxwnlY and r being silent.

4. I am suspicious of everyone and I have a very low self esteem.

5. I look really bad in nice clothes.

6. I took French in High School instead of something practical like Spanish.

7. I always wear black, even though I look better in forest green.

Now I have to tag some people.

1. Rick at Coosa Creek Cinema

2. Ric at Film For The Soul

And anyone else whose name is Rick or Ric who runs a movie blog, consider yourself tagged by me because I'm Kreativ! and that's how I roll.


Greg said...

That was Krazy! Klever! Kstupid! You know who you should've tagged? Knute Rockne, that's who! Who cares if he's dead, his name's Knute! How many more opportunities like this are going to come along? Not kmany I kan tell you!

Seriously, tag Knute. He's bored in his koffin.

PIPER said...

Or how about Rosemary Clooney, which is actually spelled Krosemary Kclooney, but the K is silent.

Sarah said...

This is what exactly comes to mind whenever I see that Kreativ Blogger banner too. Somebody used their mad scrapbooking skills for that one.