Monday, August 6, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, Farmer Ted

In the movie Sixteen Candles, Anthony Michael Hall plays Farmer Ted. He's a geek, but on the hierarchy of geekishness, he ranks up at the top. Or better stated in his words, he is "King of the Dipshits." Well, twenty-three years later Farmer Ted has been replaced by Kevin Smith. He is truly "King of the Dipshits" and there is no better proof of this then the recent video floating around. Here Kevin gets bashed by a geek at the recent Comic Con. He in turn retaliates like an idiot. This video is titled "Kevin Fights Back" on youtube, which means it was posted by a geek. The question stated to Kevin was an honest one and in return, Kevin snaps back at him with some responses one might expect on the playground. But that's where they are - the geek playground and Kevin Smith is the king of them all. What you're witnessing is two geeks having a slap fight 3 minutes after school got let out. What is he doing there anyway? Oh that's right, he has a new movie called Zack and Miri make a Porno. It's the equivalent of Farmer Ted showing Samantha's panties in the bathroom to all the geeks in school. Which is the equivalent of pathetic.


Anonymous said...

then again, here first answered the question, citing that he is doing 2 MOVIES that aren't what he usually does.

Then he does his so called "idiotic" speech.

PIPER said...

True, but it's like saying "I'm sorry... but"

Just answer the question because it's a legitimate one. The cock up your mother's ass comment was sheer stupidity. I'm not saying he can't have fun with the comment, but it was insulting.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Piper:

Kevin Smith makes me sick, but his "fans" make me even more ill. What are they laughing at? Why is the "dick out of your mother's ass" comment THAT funny??

Smith might be in the top three most overrated filmmakers of all time, and definitely of this generation.

Charlie said...


I know this may come as a shock but...I agree totally with your post, not to mention the question posed by the guy in the audience. Fair question that deserves a fair response. Insulting for insutling sake is geared totally for the lowest common denominator, which clearly his fans are. I am a fan of Clerks, Mall Rats and Jay and Silent Bob, but this guy, like so many others in Hollywood get success and intelligence mixed up.

Fuck, there I said it. I agree with you. Time to open a pack of Ring Dings, a case of Red Bull and pop in Waterworld!


Charlie said...

P.S. Don't insult one of the greatest comedies of my generation by compairing this ass to "Farmer Ted." Farmer Ted was funny by not trying to be funny. This guys just an asshole!

Karen said...

If Kevin Smith is apparently so brilliant why resort to taking a cheap crass shot at the guy's mother? I loved Clerks and thought that it was quite originaly but this appearance at Comic Con just re-enforces for me that Kevin Smith is essentially a one hit wonder. A real director, or anyone with half a brain, would just have answered the audience member's question and moved on to avoid drawing attention to it.

Karen said...

And Anthony Michael Hall was hilarious :)

TALKING MOVIEzzz said...

In the early days of the internet, I was a regular on Smith's websites, despite the fact that I wasn't really a fan of his films (CHASING AMY is the only one I've seen more than once).

Then there was the whole MAGNOLIA controversy, where he attacked PTA's film, which was like a McDonalds fry cook attacking a 5 star gourmet chef. And, I haven't been back.

He was the only filmmaker really using the web to build a fanbase.

Smith CAN be entertaining at times (not here though). I really don't see this clip as anything different than some of his other clips. The guy has TWO DVDs out of him just doing Q&A. One is a double disc set running 3 hours!!! The guy sure can talk.

Some of his stories are great (like the making of BATMAN and his working with Prince) but some are so embarassing, so vulgar that you feel embarassed for him and his family (especially his wife, he does a full ten minutes on the first time they had sex, in graphic detail).

Like Howard Stern, his audience expects insults like this.

I don't know. I've grown out of his act. But, I guess a lot of people haven't.

brian said...


I agree. He is so over-rated.

I liked Chasing Amy and that's about it.

He keeps showing up at festivals with Tarantino and Rodriguez as a tag-along.

Anonymous said...

I would hardly classify the question posed to Kevin Smith as an honest question. The guy might honestly believe that Kevin Smith's recent movie suck but he was basically just a heckler, and I feel like his response although crass was somewhat justified.

PIPER said...


I wasn't there so if there was a "Kevin Smith Love Fest" poster somewhere someone needs to tell me about it. Otherwise, it was an honest and legitimate question. If you love Kevin Smith no matter what, then sure his response seems justified and that guy seems like a heckler. But if you think that Kevin Smith hasn't made a good movie since Dogma (and I think there are a lot more people who think that - some might even question Dogma) then not only is it an honest question, but it's a ballsy one too. And maybe, just maybe, if Kevin Smith spent more time around true critics of good cinema instead of around a bunch of people that worship his every move, he might actually be doing good movies. But instead we get Zack and Miri make a Porno.

Anonymous said...

In no way is that a ballsy question. Everyone knows Kevin Smith hasn't made a good movie since Dogma, that guy just wanted to look cool putting down a celebrity in front of a audience. When someone tells you that you suck most people would try and defend themselves, Kevin Smith is no exception. If you don't like his movies then don't watch them but don't except that he's going to suddenly come out of his slump because he started hanging out with "true critics" like some douchbag that got five minutes on a microphone.

PIPER said...

I'm not saying he shouldn't defend himself. All I'm asking is that he do it like he's not in high school. The cock up your mother's ass comment was stupid. I watch stand-up all the time and I watch comedians handle hecklers in much smarter ways. Kevin Smith in effect does stand-up with his Q&As so he knows better.

And I disagree with your comment that everyone knows his movies have sucked since Dogma. Kevin Smith himself ranked Clerks II in his top ten last year.

Anonymous said...

Your right the cock up the ass comment was uncalled for...but the guy was still a douchebag.

PIPER said...

You have a point.

PIPER said...

By the way Anonymous,

Nice banter.

It was fun. Hope to see you again.