Friday, March 6, 2009

I Need To Be Saved!

Quick! Somebody find me some trouble. A barroom brawl. A domestic dispute. Have me kidnapped. Place me in the middle of a drug deal gone wrong. Drop me in a dark alley with a wallet stuffed with money surrounded by a handful of shady characters. Make me a hostage in a bank robbery. Find me the nearest building on fire and put me on the top floor. Find me a runaway train and put me in the last car. I want to be saved by Laurie Jupiter, Silk Spectre II. Let her take my bruised and battered body into her arms. Let me bury my wounded head deep, deep, deep into her bosom and get lost in there for hours. Let her nurse my injuries and give me many sponge baths. Let there be dressing and redressing of me and my wounds. Let there be late painful nights where Laurie curls up in my hospital bed and tends to me. And tends to me some more. And some more. Then just as she is set to go out and save the world again, let there be complications in my recovery so Laurie can't leave my side. And then let there be rehab where she teaches me to walk again. And then let there be hugging. Lots of hugging. And then let there be slapping and tickling. And butt pinching and boob grabbing. And then when I'm well enough, let it happen all over again.


Megan said...

I saw her naked tonight.

Fox said...

Dude... you should totally write romance comics!!!

Emily Blake said...

Her hair looks fantastic, but that outfit looks really uncomfortable. I can't imagine trying to save someone with a patent leather thong up my ass.

PIPER said...


I saw her naked as well. The only thing hotter than her in her getup, is her out of her getup.


I've been playing with the idea, but your comment has me thinking I should just go and do it.


Her hair is fantastic. She is much hotter as a brunette than she is as a blond. But here's the thing. She has to keep the outfit. That's part of the saving fantasy.

Burbanked said...

@Piper: If I were a movie super-villain, all I would do is always make sure you were safe and out of harm's way so that you could never, EVER be saved. I'd place you in a comfy chair with perhaps a cup of tea and some nice soft slippers and you would be all cozy and content and you would never be in danger or want for anything. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

@Emily Blake: heck, Batman saves people even though he's always got a stick up his ass, so I don't see what the big deal is.

Anonymous said...

I want to be saved from Laurie Jupiter's acting. ATROCIOUS.

Anonymous said...


Is the movie any good? Is this all you got? You want Silk Spectre II to take you in her bosom? How was The Watchman?


PIPER said...


But you would have to take a restroom break. And that's when I would slip out and really find some trouble to get into.


Don't kill the fantasy.


I'm working on the review. Hopefully tomorrow.

Fletch said...

Seriously, how much more attractive was she here than in The Heartbreak Kid? I mean, I know the nastiness there was for comedy, but she was supposed to look good for the first half, but she was so much hotter here.

Of course, the young Carla Gugino sure could give her a run for her money...