Monday, July 27, 2009

Tim Burton's New Movie Surprises No One

Fantastic sets which are sure to overshadow the story.


Creepy yet endearing characters which are now just creepy.


Helena Bonham Carter.


Johnny Deep in some kind of a dress and heavy make-up acting like a fool.


Oh yeah, and Danny Elfman phoning it in.


I feel like I've seen this movie and I haven't even seen it.


Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

If Johnny Depp fucks up on the level he fucked up in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I'll riot.

brian said...

I couldn't agree more.

It's one thing to repeat themes - Woody Allen comes to mind.

It's another to churn out the same movie.

I don't think there's a cure for Tim Burton.

PIPER said...


Is this a peaceful riot? Or a nasty riot. Whichever, get ready.


The worst part is, he's going back and re-imagining all these favorites.

Planet of the Apes
Sleepy Hollow
Willy Wonka
and now Alice in Wonderland.

Emily Blake said...

Well I was interested in seeing this movie, but when you put it that way, fuck it.

PIPER said...


I'm glad I could be here for you. I just saved you some money. Please send it directly to me.

Kramer said...

Edward Scissorhands and Pee Wee's big adventure seem so long ago...

Maybe that's what bugs me. If this were some director like Bay, I wouldn't care what he does. But I used to really like this guy.

Fletch said...

Way ahead of you, buddy. I posted some vitriol directed at Burton a couple days ago after someone put up the trailer. I started off intrigued but that quickly led to anger which led to hate which led to suffering.

Kramer puts it well. I used to really like this guy - remember, he directed Batman! And Edward! And...and now all he does is troll the past for shit he can remake in his own image. Pinocchio's coming soon...are you ready?

Reel Whore said...

It would be nice if he used his directorial powers on an original script again, wouldn't it? At least then we might not mind seeing Bonham Carter & Depp acting crazy.

elgringo said...

You have nailed it.

"Edward Scissorhands and Pee Wee's big adventure seem so long ago..."

Yeah...but they also seem so new and fresh. Like every other movie he's still making.