Friday, February 2, 2007

Lazy Eye Gets Some Ink

Allow me to play a little rat-a-tat-tat on the ole horn for a second.


Now let me tell you about a movie blog that has featured yours truly in a little Q&A.

The blog is called DVD Panache and it is written by Adam Ross. Adam is a true gentleman for asking me to do what I love to do and that is talk about movies. And in doing so, he has shown some love for his film brothas and sistas. And for that I am grateful.

Every Friday, DVD Panache features a different Q&A with different film bloggers titled Friday Screen Test. The first feature was with Andy Horbal who writes No More Marriages (Andy by the way is a lot more thoughtful in his responses)

And Adam has written an especially nice review of Lazy Eye Theatre to boot.

I could go further in my praise of Adam's selfless act, but it has already been written for me by Andy and I would just be hacking from him.

It makes me a little goosepimply to see someone display my wares and being from the Midwest I will give my usual "aw shucks" and "I'm not deserving" but I'll get over it. I'm young in this blogging stuff and I can use the help.

Thank you DVD Panache and Adam.

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Adam Ross said...

You're quite welcome Piper, thanks for the post. I got goosepimply myself with the response I got in recruiting participants -- almost everyone said yes, kind of like the end to "It's a Wonderful Life" only more geeky.