Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Plot Farm 1.2

It's time yet again for another edition of Plot Farm where I give you 10 words or phrases to help you create your very own original movie plot. Use them all or only a few. It doesn't need to be a novel if you don't want. Just a paragraph, or a sentence. What would you pitch to a studio?

Let's see it.

A hot summer
A competition
A camera
Daddy issues
A machine gun
Special forces


Anonymous said...

The summer of 2007 is hot. Really hot. So hot, that when Stacy Pillows and the ladies of the Delta Delta Gamma sorority convene in South Padre Island for their annual spirit competition, none of them can seem to keep their clothes on. Things get even wackier when a team of special forces soldiers pull into port and the ladies perform act after act after act after act after act after act after act after act after act that they know they’re gonna regret in the morning!

Oops. Never mind. This movie has already been made.

Anonymous said...

In the midst of a HOT California SUMMER, a cocky teenager and his FATHER engage in COMPETITION to determine the fate of the family business. With little more than a never-ending supply of ARTHRITIS cream and a few tubes of tanning lotion the son and his friend create a concoction that possesses SPECIAL FORCES to those who rub it on. By using the cream on the less fortunate, our hero turns these lonely, lost soles into the most desired rap artists to ever get in front of the CAMERA. Their hit song “Pearl NECKLACE” garnered so much money and fame that the boy’s father had no choice but to REGRET ever doubting him.

PIPER said...

Thanks Holy Buckets and Meat Hammer. It seems that the 80s are alive and well.