Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Joystick Controls The Movie

What if Atari made games based on movies from the 70's? What if indeed. A friend of mine stumbled onto these bad boys from the site Atari Age. It's hard not think what these games would be like. For example if I played Deliverance would I have the choice of picking between Burt Reynolds or one of the backwoods rednecks? If I were Burt Reynolds I could float down the river shooting redneck after redneck that popped up behind bushes and on top of cliffs very much like River Raid. Or better yet, I could swing from limb to limb dodging banjo playing in-breeds much like Pitfall. Or I could be the rednecks and I could... well... I could sodomize?


Moviezzz said...

Wasn't there a JAWS game back in the day? At least in the arcade.

I remember the ET game (terrible). And I had the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK game. I think there was KRULL too.

I miss the 2600.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I must admit that when I saw Airport '79 as a teenager, I loved it. Karen Black was hotttttt.

Elijah Price said...

If they really wanted to make it fun, have it be "Boogie Nights." You could be Dirk Diggler and then YOU could ask Burt Renyolds if you can fuck Rollergirl up the ass.

Neil Sarver said...

The Krull arcade game was awesome!

Piper said...


They buried thousands and thousands of copies of the ET game because it did so horribly.


Boogie Nights would be nice.


Never did play Krull. I was more of an Activision guy. Pitfall, Barnstorm, River Raid. Good times.

Sheamus the... said...

Should i see Westworld? I defintly want to play the game.

Jeremy Fuksa: Creative Generalist said...

Equally as bad as E.T. was the Raiders Of The Lost Ark game for the Atari 2600. It was so damn confusing.

sir jorge said...

This was such a great post it made my "top 5" today.

And your blog is the BLog of the WEEK at Video Store main blog.

Awesome post!

Piper said...

Thanks Sir Jorge.

Glad you liked it so much.

And thanks for highlighting Lazy Eye.