Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Just Don't Know About This One

Maybe it's because one of the first things I see in this trailer is Eli Roth.

Maybe it's because of the line "You haven't seen war until you've seen it through the eyes of Quentin Tarantino."

Maybe it's because of "Nein, nein, nein, nein."

I don't know. I just don't know.


bird flu said...

If it's anything like his other movies, he'll steal all the best stuff from all the best war movies. Probably worth watching, more probable nothing original.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

Eli Roth is probably there to talk about putting Jager shots down some German "bitches" throat right before getting his head blown off.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

Besides that, it could be worse. Eli Roth, or that Mac computer guy?

PIPER said...

Bird Flu,

You're probably right. No one mashes better than Tarantino. But for some reason, I hate taking liberties with history. It's why I didn't see Valkrie.


I'll take anyone over Eli Roth. I hate that guy with the fury of an angry God.

Anonymous said...

Just because Eli Roth makes shitty torture porn movies as a director doesn't mean he can't kill Nazis with flair as an actor. With luck, he'll find his true calling and never get on the wrong side of the camera again.

As far as the movie, I choose optimism. The rumors of the movie's lean running time suggest the writing excesses of Death Proof are (hopefully) behind Tarantino.