Monday, February 2, 2009

Top 5 Tuesday - Car Movies

I love a good car chase. And cars in general. So I thought I’d steal Piper’s Top 5 Tuesday and ask visitors to pick their top 5 favorite car movies. Here are some of mine:

1. American Graffiti. Maybe it’s not just about cars, but without cars, it’s not American Graffiti.

2. Ronin. One of the best car chase scenes since Bullit.

3. Bullit. Unquestionably the greatest.

4. The Love Bug. The original. 1968. Dean Jones was cool in a dad sort of way.

5. Tucker. Underrated Coppola film about the failed automobile.


PIPER said...

Whoah. What the?

I guess I don't have to come up with a Top 5 Tuesdays now.

This is good.

1. Death Proof

2. Smokey & The Bandit - Love the chase

3. Road Warrior - All cars, all the time

4. The Car

5. Cannonball Run

brian said...

I forgot Road Warrior. One of the rare sequels better than the original.

Toto said...

Good call on "Ronin." One of De Niro's better films in recent years and a heckuva car chase.

Moviezzz said...
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Marilyn said...

Not in order of preference, nor car chases:

1. The Cars that Ate Paris
2. Thunder Road
3. Death Race 2000
4. Grand Prix
5. Genevieve

Emily Blake said...

Definitely The Road Warrior and Smokey and the Bandit. Good calls on those.

Also, the Italian Job and the first Transporter, because nobody drives a car like Jason Statham.

And Days of Thunder.

PIPER said...


It should be noted that Brian put together this Top 5 Tuesdays. He is a fan of Bullit. Not that I'm not, but you know where I stand on it.


I was actually kind of pleasantly surprised with the Death Race remake. Obviously not the same movie, but still pretty good.


Cole Trickle from Days Of Thunder. I always thought that name sounded like some kind of venereal disease.

Anonymous said...

Days of Thunder was a masterpiece compared to Far and Away.

sophomorecritic said...

There might be a distinction betwen a road movie that celebrates driving and a movie that celebrates cars (as in driving them fast) or a movie that celebrates cars (as in liking cars).

In the first category you'd have something like Rain Man or American Graffitti, in the second you'd have Cars, Talladega Nights or Days of Thunder and in the third you might even have something like Transformers.

By the way, maybe you guys can add me to your blog roll?

PIPER said...


Whoah. Slow down there. Not so fast. It may be 2009, but I like a little wine and maybe a couple of dates first. Call me old fashioned.

I am new to your blog as you are to mine so let's chitty chatty for a bit before we start jumping eachothers blog rolls.



PIPER said...

It's right there. Can't you see it?

Oh wait. You just added it.

Don't tell John Carpenter I left one of his films off my top 5.

elgringo said...

I like how Bullitt's "unquestionably the greatest" and then comes in at #3. Haha.

My favorite car movie is either The Blues Brothers, Duel, or The French Connection...if any of those count. AND VANISHING POINT!