Friday, February 27, 2009

The Most Popular Actress in the World

How did Angelina Jolie become the most popular movie star in the world? To answer this question, I first looked at her Filmography. She’s done some terrific work in Gia, Girl, Interrputed and A Mighty Heart, but that’s not enough to put her at the top of everyone’s list, even if she has an Oscar to her credit for Best Supporting Actress.

I believe her popularity has more to do with her dark side. Jolie has a rep as a bad girl – drugs, naughty trailer sex with Billy Bob, drinking vials of blood, tattoos all over her body, steamy lesbian past, brother open mouth kiss on red carpet, on and on.

Of course her looks don’t hurt. She is considered by many men (and women) to be the most beautiful person in Hollywood. Her bee-stung lips are the envy of many women who have to pay for collagen injections to get the same look. (Yes, you, Melanie!)

And she also has undergone quite a transformation, which is always intriguing. In 2001, she stepped out of the limelight to become involved in humanitarian work in Cambodia and became a Goodwill Ambassador. She has 17 children.

Finally, she’s in a high profile relationship. She’s married to US Magazine’s multiple winner of Sexiest Man of the Year, Brad Pitt. The courtship began (during or) after the filming of Mr. and Mrs. Smith – a time when Mr. Pitt was married to America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston. Controversy sells magazines.

When you put it all together, it starts to make sense. It’s a relatively easy formula for nearly anyone to master:

Oscar winner + Bad Girl + Gorgeous + Goodwill Ambassador + potential affair and subsequent marriage to Brad Pitt = The Most Popular Actress In the World.


PIPER said...

Does she really have 17 children?

I love Jolie. And so does my wife. So that means I get to openly talk about how I would "do" her and my wife doesn't mind.

I think in a world where everyone knows who Paris Hilton is even though she's done absolutely nothing of note, it's not hard to understand how someone can rise to the top for not doing too much career wise. And that's not to diminish what Jolie has done. I think people admire that she's just done things her way. Even if it's stand-offish at times, they admire her independence.

Tor Hershman said...

Less+ Than + Worthless =

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Emily Blake said...

She's a perfectly perfect person as people go, but what bugs me is how skinny she is. She makes a large portion of her living playing action heroes, but her arms are so skinny I'm not sure she can lift a grocery bag.

I miss Linda Hamilton.