Thursday, May 3, 2007

What Say You? The Cannonball Run Dilemma

I shop for movies a lot. It brings me peace. I don't have any really cool little movie shops like Waterloo Records and Video where I can discover rare movies or peruse the Criterion selection. Me, I have BestBuy. And when that doesn't suffice, I go to

Anyways, every time I go to BestBuy, I always first shop in the bargain bins, looking for a great movie that's a steal. Or getting pissed because I didn't wait on Goodfellas and paid $20 for the DVD instead of the sale price of $11.99. And the past few times there has been a DVD in the bargain bin that has caused me great dilemma. That DVD is The Cannonball Run. Burt and Dom lay in that bin, staring up at me saying "remember us? the semi-modern day Laurel and Hardy? Buy. Buy. Buy." So I succumb to the urge and I place it in the shopping cart. I walk around some more and by the end of my trip, The Cannonball Run ends up on a shelf in the drama section right behind Do The Right Thing or something like that.

I want to, but I can't seem to do it. I remember the movie fondly. Fast cars, that crazy Proctologist, Farrah, Burt and Dom, Sammy and Dean. But that was some time ago. Maybe it hasn't aged well. But maybe it has. So I place this decision before you. My $5.99 is at your mercy.

Is The Cannonball Run a comedic steal or should I instead by a turkey on rye with a nice piece of cheese, easy on the mayo.

What Say You?


Burbanked said...

If it tasks you so, clearly you'd like to own it.

Here's the blogcentric rationalization: watching Cannonball Run has GOT to be good for either a post, an observation, a nifty screengrab or otherwise.

And you can't really go wrong for $5.99. Go for it! Climb every mountain!*

* this message brought to you by the shareholders of Best Buy, Inc. All rights reserved.

TALKING MOVIEzzz said...
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garrett said...

Buy the movie.
Its a classic, there are shows today based off this concept "The amazing race", Yes its a bit more elaborate but its still the same idea..point A to point B first - you win.
This is the first movie I remember taking advantage of the credits to keep the audience captivated. The outtakes!..These are great. Burt slapping Dom and Dom just laughing about it...poor guy never could stand up to him but really who would have the balls to stand up to a stache like that.
If anything I think you should buy it strictly because of the All-Star lineup.

Anonymous said...

Well, Piper ... if you liked a movie like "Prince of Darkness," then I can't see what's stopping you from picking up "Cannonball Run."

Teresa said...

Turkey on sourdough sliced might be better. Also two thin slices of cucumber always adds a nice touch. It's like a pickle but more refreshing. If this doesn't make you salivate then go buy Cannonball Run, clearly you won't rest easy until you do. I had the same dilema about Titanic. Yes. Titanic.It sits on my shelf unopened but at least it no longer nags at me every time I go into Target.

PIPER said...

Why ya gotta hate Ray?

Anonymous said...

Piper, thanks for the blog.

While I don't know much about movies other than Dr. Strangelove and assorted comedies, now people will think I do. And that's what's important.


Charlie said...
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Charlie said...


Sorry I haven't been around lately, had some pretty serious health issues, but am glad to see you are still trying to sell the world on the genius of John Carpenter. I will, however, concur that Prince of Darkness is a pretty good movie. I personally enjoy anything that makes people question religion. It's good for the soul. So, with that being said, RAY....BACK OFF! =)

I would tell you to buy The Cannonball Run, but make sure you stop off at the local drug dealer on the way home and buy an ounce of some really good weed, cause that's the only way this thing can get funny! The Cannonball Run was like the "SUPER BANDS" of the 80s. Let's get a bunch of top bill stars, put them in a movie and it will be a hit. Problem is, the makers forgot one thing...they needed to write a good script! OOOPPS. Was it good? No. Would it be good in an altered state of mind? Perhaps. I agree with Burbanked, except it would be a little more than $5.99. Figure on spending $14.00. $6.00 for the movie and $8.00 for beer. Then it might be worth it. At the very least, if you watch it and hate it, well, you can use it for a coaster, sell it on EBay or wipe your ass with it. Either way, you win!

Keep on Truckin!


Anonymous said...

You know how I feel about Burt - A greatly underappreciated actor who made some fine movies-and at $5.99 you should buy at least two copies. Unless you can find the Cannnonball Run/Stroker Ace double pack.

PIPER said...


Hope you're doing well and are in good health now. Glad to have you back.

I've made my decision to part with my money and purchase it.

I might even buy the sandwich too.

Anonymous said...

I say skip the "Run" and buy "Cannonball".

While you're at it, see if "King of the Mountain" or "Convoy" is in there too.

On second thought, don't skip it altogether, that movie was stacked and bigger than life. Kinda like watching the Ocean's 11 + 12 movies. Just plain ol' fun for fun's sake.

Sheamus the... said...

left you a comment on Top 5. But also I saw Spidey last night.

PIPER said...

Bought it today.

Anonymous said...

Do not waste the money. I remember I had the time of my life when i was a kid watching it. But I watched again a couple of months ago .... I couldn't laugh at any of the 'jokes'.