Monday, August 27, 2007

Bizarro Days Are Upon Us

Bad day everyone.

It is I, Bizarro Piper.

I am short and small boned and single and I tan easily. Welcome to Bizarro Days, friends. For the next three days, tell me how you really feel by not telling me how you really feel about a movie, a director, an actor, whatever you want. Go here for my Bizarro banners, if you feel you need them - and if you use them don't forget to link back to this blog. Otherwise, keep your audience guessing on whether you really believe Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo deserves a third, forth and fifth viewing.

Also feel free to leave a nice little bizarro quip in the comments section if you feel so moved.

Bad luck and I hope you don't participate because I hate you all desperately.

Jim at Moviezzz is on board first with praise for The Weasel. And deservedly so.

Edward Copeland loves every second of The Thin Red Line. Don't we all.

Emma at All About My Movies absolutely loves these actors.

Pacheco at The Home Of Bohemian Cinema has designed his own Bizarro Banner and I hate it.

Squish at Filmsquish shows why everyone should love Uwe Boll.

Burbanked states the obvious: Kiera Knightly is the best actress evaaaaaa.

Culture Snob declares Cruel Intentions brilliant.

J.D. at Joes Movie Corner reveals his true feelings about Pokemon in French, no less.

Ray at The Rec gives Return Of The Jedi it's much deserved props.

Joseph at it'samadmadblog2 explains to us why Nic Cage is the greatest actor of our generation. Hey, there's no selling me.

samuraifrog at Electronic Cerebrectomy celebrates women being put in their place and of course, anal rape.

Adam at DVD Panache gives us something truly Bizarro about Ronin.

Burbanked says the new Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem is going to be totally kick ass.

Bob at Eternal Sunshine Of The Logical Mind says we're better off without color.

Gautam at The Broken Projector pays respect to the lost gem that is Operation Cobra. Proper.

Culture Snob takes aim at Danny Boyle and Sunshine. That jerk.

Woody Allen is alright with the ladies, so says me.

Adam at All Things Film says Ed Wood is one of the greatest directors ever.

Squish take Bizarro Days worldwide with his take on Boss Of It All.

Doc at The Bargain Matinee says bring on the Parody.

Mariana at Gatochy's Blog loves Princess Leia and all that she has done for women.

Ray at The Rec proves that life is better thanks to Movie Blogs.

JA at My New Plaid Pants gives us 5 reasons why Halloween should be remade. Only 5?

weepingsam at The Listening Ear writes about that bore W.C. Fields.

Dan E at Cinemathematics says David Lynch sucks. As if we didn't know that already.

Nathaniel at Film Experience pours his heart out for Hillary Swank.

KC at The Rec welcomes Star Wars 1, 2, and 3 with a warm heart and open arms.

Brooke at Boy on Film says Renee Zellwegger is easy on the eyes. It's about time somebody said it.

Glenn at Stale Popcorn is completely over Bob Fosse. Me too.

Culture Snob offers ways to fix the movie industry. Amen.

Burbanked says the more remakes the better. Hells yeah.

Stacie at Final Girl talks about a remake we allllllllllll want to see.

Ross at The Rued Morgue writes about the romantic comedy that is Vacancy.

Racso Ledger points out a few things that the Oscars missed.

dreamrot at 7 Dollar Popcorn writes that the American Godzilla is too damn good to forget.

Noel at Critic After Dark comes out swinging for Spielberg's 1941.


Anonymous said...

Because I hate you so much Piper, I made a custom "Bizarro banner" for the blog-a-thon. No, he doesn't use "Bizarro-speak" because the original comic that this image was taken from didn't utilize it either.

I'm a busy guy, so I only got around to making one, but I hope you enjoy it. And of course, my contribution to the blog-a-thon is in the works.


Emma said...

I haven't done anything.

Charlie said...


I think you don't know shit about movies and your blog sucks. You are correct and Titantic is the biggest piece of shit ever made and John Carpenter is a misunderstood genius. I can only pray that he will write and direct another Snake Pliskan movie.

Goodfellows RULES as does the movie The Departed! Man, can't wait until they are re-released in the theaters. I am waiting for those days with bated breath like I am waiting for the next Oscars. I mean, the Oscars are SOOOO misunderstood. Hollywood stars deserve every penny they get. I only wish they would use their power MORE to have an influence on politics and issues. I mean, seriosly, they know SOOOOO much. Especially Tom Cruise! LOVE HIM! I only wish I had an afternoon to sit with him so he can give me the full story on Scientology. What a wonderful religion. I hope it takes over the world.

I will never post anything else on this.



PIPER said...

I was waiting for the Carpenter bag.

PIPER said...

I can't wait for the Halloween remake! And I can't imagine a better director doing it than Rob Zombie.

Burbanked said...

My Bizarro post won't be up for another day or so, and I probably won't do any more in the next few days.

I hate this idea and it's much harder to do than anyone says.

This whole endeavor has depressed me quite a bit and I think I'll return to working very hard at my desk now.

J.D. said...

Jesus hates you! Unless you do really nice and devout things like segregation and the Holocaust, then he loves ya baby! Whee!

Squish said...

Uwe Boll is getting a bad rap.

J.D. said...

A short post. In french.

SamuraiFrog said...

I've got two that are maybe more sarcastic than they should be.

Anonymous said...

I love you Piper.

Burbanked said...

I hate this blogathon. I refuse to post again. Please do not link to me anymore. Everyone go away.

Bob Turnbull said...

I decided I'm not joining the Blog-a-thon. Nor will I ever read your blog again.

And I miss Donald Rumsfeld...


S.P. Go to Hell.

PIPER said...

Screw You All. I hate all of this and I hate these posts. I'm going to go and eat a big pie right now and watch Titanic, my most favorite movie ever.

PIPER said...

Man I really love what I've done with my blog. The type out of black is really easy on the eyes. I can read everything without getting a headache.

Bob Turnbull said...

Even better is when you link directly to the post itself, the comments show up on the page all in black type on the black background. I find it makes me even more eager to read the comments if I have to highlight them all just to see them.

Nice effect!

Burbanked said...

Looking at this pepto-colored background is absolutely not making my brain bleed. I love it, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't be bothered to write a single word...

Squish said...

I hate the Danes

Mike Doc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
M said...

Hi, I wrote an entry on how much I admire Princess Leia!

Mike Doc said...

Hi. I'm fairly new to bloggerland, but I'm thinking my deep and abiding love for genre parodies will win me legions of fans.

Anonymous said...

Goddamn this site is hurting my eys ... oops, I mean ... I LOVE what you've done with the place!!!

Here is NOT another entry in this lovely blog-a-thon. You'll probably like it, since I stroke ya a little :)

Eat shit, bitches.

weepingsam said...

Hey! I just wanted to come by and congratulate you on the wonderful success of your blogathon! It's a very clever and witty idea, and great to see so many people writing such silly things! You should be proud! I'm afraid I can't participate in this blogathon - I feel that blogging is a sacred trust between my readers and myself, one I would never betray with childish pranks of this sort. I just wanted to come by for half a tick to make sure that no one would mistake this post, in which I give one of the Sacred Cows of Cinematic "Comedy" the boot up the arse he deserves, for a part of your idiotic japery. Kids today! get off my goddamned lawn!

I do want to add, I love the new color scheme. Reminds me of a song - "come on darling, I'll give you some ipicac"... I think it's a song. If it's not a song it should be. Maybe we could get that lovely Scott Stapp to sing it - he's had such a hard time of it lately. Poor fellow. So talented, so sincere and devout, so humble, and made a laughing stock. I weep for America.

Dan E. said...

What happened to David Lynch? His new movie sucks! This may be the dumbest Blog-A-Thon idea I've ever seen, and the posts are even worse.

Glenn Dunks said...

Here's my entry.

Whoever doubts High School Musical is superior to everything in the world is clearly wrong wrong wrong.


i finally told the tale of my secret love. The Boyfriend is not taking it well but if She calls it will all have been worth it. For her I will renounce the cinema if she so demands!

and this blog-a-thon. Satan! I have not once cracked a smile nor have I bookmarked each blog for further perusal

Burbanked said...

Geez, Piper. Sorry this 'thon isn't going well. I imagine you're feeling pretty sorry for yourself. I've never been more happy to not be you.

J.D. said...

My eyes are bleeding.

Sam Brooks said...

My post for The most beautiful actress ever!

PIPER said...


I hope it's obvious that I'm in the 7th ring of hell right now due to this blog a thon. Care to switch skins with me. Mine might be a bit baggy on you.

Stacie Ponder said...

Well, I sure hope Hollywood reads Final Girl today.

This blog-a-thon was NO FUN AT ALL.

J.D. said...

He didn't tell ya, but here's Douglas Rasco's entry. Bizarro.

Unknown said...

I feel terrible about joining in on this, but everyone needs to know how awesome the American Godzilla was!

Noel Vera said...

Me two or three days late, so this just on time. Sending you link to my rave of Stibben Spielberg's worst ever film 1941 and why I think it the greatest.

Dis blogathon suck, don't link to my blog post. Tenk yew.

Anonymous said...

What a un-fantastic idea. I'm not sorry I missed out on this... the most un-relevant of my recent posts was about the casting of an actual Bizarro movie:

I hate your blog. Don't keep it up.

Noel Vera said...

You post link on my blog even after I asked not do it. Darn you! Me very angry!