Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Living Cartoon

I have made my plea for Sam Raimi's movie Crimewave to be brought to DVD before. Obviously it was a meager attempt because here we are in September and I do not have a copy of Crimewave on DVD. So I thought The Slapstick Blog-a-Thon being held at Film Of The Year would be as good a time as any to grovel just a bit more. Raimi has been lost in the sea that is Spiderman, so now would be a perfect time to remind him of his roots. And Raimi's roots are deeply ingrained in slapstick. He is happiest, as are we, when the plates are flying, the pans are swinging and bones are breaking.

Of course we will never see Crimewave on DVD, or not the version involving Raimi since he disowned the movie because he was not allowed to cast Bruce Campbell as he wanted, and his editor and composer were removed by the producers. But maybe, just maybe it's little posts such as this that might just help in making the Crimewave DVD a reality.


TALKING MOVIEzzz said...

If you have a multi-region player, you can get it on DVD from the UK.

I haven't seen it since the 80's when it used to be on cable all the time. Funny it has disappeared now that Raimi's career has taken off.

Anonymous said...

I'm rolling on the floor laughing (that's rofl to the rest of us) after watcing this clip! Isn't that Lynch's version of The Beast Rabban? I love the thrown dishes subjective perspective of the camera. And that bowling balls-off-the-self bit is reminiscent of the hilarious Three Stooges short An Ache in Every Stake; this is side-splitting stuff. The Slapstick Blog-a-Thon hereby endorses the DVD release of Crimewave! Well done, Piper.

Joe Thompson said...

Piper: I have never heard of "Crimewave". I hope it turns up on tv or dvd. Some of the sound effects must have been cribbed from a Three Stooges short, especially the bowling balls bonks followed by the twittering birds. Good post.

Joe Thompson ;0)

PIPER said...


I saw that and I may just pull the trigger on that DVD. I don't think is is ever going to get a general release.


Thanks for the endorsement. Glad you liked it.