Monday, November 5, 2007

Top 5 Tuesdays (T5T) Goes On Strike

Today, T5T honors those on strike so I'm not writing anything. But that's not to say you can't. Write whatever Top 5 you want scab.


Anonymous said...


5. Any of Garth Brook's ten Kansas City concerts:
it won't do anything. He screwed both scalpers and strikers alike.

4. Using any kind of grocery bag at all:
the environmental impact of saving grocery bags mainly makes for more frequent, smaller, less convenient gas consuming grocery trips.

3. Watching Kung Fu movies:
if we Kung Fu strikers make the Kung Fu film makers in the export happy nation of China angry, they'll actually stop sending them to us. Then where would we be? China has plenty of King Fu fans in France and South Africa...they don't need you. If Pierre has the best new Kung Fu and you don't, well then nobody wins.

2. Drawing pictures of your friends doing stupid shit:
since people could already care less about how you invision your room mate, Jared, picking up a semi-truck wih his tractor-beam vision while playing beer pong, just think about how much less they would care if such a beautiful image never existed. Just draw the picture, Jared is going through a rough spot right now.

1. Reading about strikes:
the strikers are trying to say something...just give them a chance. Striking a strike is not too far away from a strike out.

PIPER said...

I don't understand #3 and #1. So am I to strike Kung Fu movies or not. And if I read about strikes, then I understand what the strikers are trying to say.

Anonymous said...

Well, the recent polls are sketchy, but it looks like people have voted these things either a "bad idea to strike" or simply not worth striking against because of the complete and utter waste of time factor...maybe they should watch Drunken Master instead of thinking about it. In any case I'll spend a little more time on a top 5 tuesday post, more than stream of consciousness, next time.

PIPER said...

Stream of Consciousness is good, I just wanted to be clear.

Not sure why anyone would argue against this strike. The contract with the writers is almost 20 years old and desperately needs updating.

And yes, a little Drunken Master might be very good for us all.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about internet royalties anyway? Does that effect the advertising world?

PIPER said...

From what my friend told me, writers on shows like The Office might write short on-line snippets and get paid very little or not at all. And I don't think that's right. This strike does not affect advertising at all. As far as advertising is concerned, SAG talent gets paid differently as it relates to the internet. And that was negotiated in their strike which happened about seven years ago.