Monday, June 23, 2008


I hate you all.

Whatever you do, don't read this because it won't help you understand what has befallen us all.

It's Bizarro Days. Up is down. Right is wrong. Left is right. And I believe Lindsay Lohan should run for the Senate because we need more like her in office if we want to turn this ship around.

Okay, you get the point.

Let us begin. E-mail me links to your posts or leave me a note in the comments and I'll link up. And if you don't have an entire post, feel free to give a Bizarro statement about whatever in the comments section.

Go Away.


Jason at Invasion Of The B Movies Loves The Fast And The Furious

Evidently, Jim at Moviezzz is a huge fan of Hobbits

Adam at DVD Panache pays tribute to the best of the Superman movies

Ibetolis at Film For The Soul explores the genius that is Three Men And A Little Lady

Marilyn at Ferdy On Films absolutely loves, loves, loves Love Story

Dreamrot at 7 Dollar Popcorn says the poster for definitely, maybe is destined for greatness

Stop what you're doing and see Strange Wilderness right now! So says Fletch at Blog Cabins

Jeff at Culture Snob says that Mr. Beans effects on current cinema are not to be taken lightly

Scott at He Shot Cyrus lists 7 movies that are better than that POS The Godfather

Joseph at Cinema Fist tells us what we already know. It's A Wonderful Life sucks

Whitney at dear jesus writes about the brilliance that is 300

Joseph at Cinexcellence says that the new Indy needed a little more Lucas


Alan at Burbanked smells a Sharon Stone comeback

Dan at Film Babble Blog tells us why Godfather III is the best. Course

Megan at All I Need Is Everything says Movie Blogs Suck

Bizarro Days just went worldwide baby with this submission from JP at Acheter et entretenir sa tronconneuse for Incubo

Dreamrot from 7 Dollar Popcorn gives in to the fact that remakes rock the house (2nd Entry)

Daniel G from getafilm asks if the world will ever be right again after Julianne Moore got snubbed for Freedomland?

Zola's Movie Pics just flat out hates this blog-a-thon and refuses to participate

David at TLA Attacks the Movies talks about Larry David's greatest accomplishment

Fitz at Liar of the Green Knight offers up praise for Jar Jar Binks and Seth Rogen movies

Luke at Movie Zeal reveals this little nugget. Citizen Kane sucked big ones

Megan at All I Need Is Everything announces that Columbia Pictures is looking for a new pretty torch girl (2nd Entry)

Weepingsam at The Listening Ear dares to list 5 Musical Geniuses


Burbanked couldn't be more happy that they're remaking Happy Days

Bob at Eternal Sunshine Of The Logical Mind promotes Aristocrats as entertainment the whole family can enjoy

Rick at Coosa Creek Mambo thinks the Cohan Bros suck as filmmakers

Fox at Tractor Facts can't wait for Sasha Baron-Cohens next movie

Son of Double Feature absolutely loves The Phantom Menace

Dreamrot at 7 Dollar Popcorn just can't get enough of Ryan Reynolds and who can blame him (3rd Entry)

Lucas at 100 films says big box office means great movies

Scott at He Shot Cyrus comes up with the perfect casting pics for the new The Office movie

Fitz at Lair of the Green Knight states the obvious in that Uwe Boll is a genius
(2nd Entry)

Jeff at Culture Snob gives us Box Office Power Rankings, Bizarro style (2nd Entry)

Contrary to popular belief, J.D. at Valley Dreamin' tells us that Nicole Kidman Sucks

Burbanked can't get enough of this crap. He's written about how awesome the new Eddie Murphy Gobblehead is going to be (2nd Entry)

WaywardJam at Reel Whore says bring them PG-13 Movies on

Dan E. at Cinemathematics shows us why Plan 9 From Outer Space is the good stuff

Paul at Careful With That Blog, Eugene reveals the truth about Greedo in Star Wars

Dave at Dave's Blog About Movies wishes Mike Meyers would take broader roles

And you can find my entry about why I'm happy Hitchcock is dead and buried



I love Melanie Griffith.

PIPER said...

I love her inflated lips.


Her relationship with Antonio Banderas, the way she clings to him desperately... It's so moving and healthy. True Love means never having to be co-dependent.

Unknown said...

This is an awful idea. It's even worse this time than last year. And, once again, I refuse to participate.

Megan said...

I am not going to read any of the entries. No way.


This is the worst idea ever.

If you came up with it, you're an idiot.


I didn't write this, so don't post it. Not please.

robkroese said...

This is the dumbest idea I ever heard of and I'm so glad nobody told me about it before.

PIPER said...


Here's The Bad News.

This Blog-a-Thon only runs three days, so if you try really hard, you won't have time to submit anything.

elgringo said...

So...I just had someone read my "7 Movies That Are Better Than The Godfather" list and reply. Apparently, the didn't get the joke. Hilarious. This is the best blog-a-thon ever!

PIPER said...

Same thing happened to me last year. I wrote about how Woody was right to leave old Mia and go for the younger adopted daughter. I got called a pig.

It just goes to show that there are people out there just ready to look for a reason to get pissed and jump all over your shit.

PIPER said...


Oh no. I just read the comments. They think it's legit. Yikes.

whitney said...

The only thing I hate more than this blog-a-thon idea is chocolate sundaes.


Megan said...

My statement is up.

I know, still a Piglet...

Unknown said...

I don't care how long this thing lasts, I won't post anything for it.

Evan Derrick said...

Piper, your blog-a-thon keeps effing with my mind. Every time I check my RSS reader I have a brief moment of weirding out as I wonder what has gotten into my favorite film commentators.

So terrible job, there. Your blog-a-thon has failed...miserably.

Burbanked said...

I refuse to neglect my family, health and personal hygiene to read all of this dreck posted by you worthless bloggers. Peter Bart, it seems, was right and none of you have much to say. How I do detest you so. Get lives and stop writing, please.

PIPER said...

There blog-a-thon is doing terribly. I'm just going to stop this nonsense and go and watch a Meg Ryan pratfall comedy. I love those.

Daniel said...

What a waste of time. Shouldn't we all be at a theater watching The Happening again instead of sitting at our computers?

Evan Derrick said...

I heart The Happening. M. Night...have my babies.

Megan said...

This is so boring I didn't do another one.

weepingsam said...

Once again, you have brought the level of discourse on the internet down with your infantile japery! You won't catch me reading these hopeless attempts at "humor" - and I feel dirty just knowing it exists! In fact, so dirty I have taken the extraordinary step of posting an antidote - what better to blot out the horror of a bunch of "ironic" "movie" posts than an utterly sincere celebration of some of our Greatest Musical Artists? Sincerity pours from every second of these fine, fine "videos" of these memorable, and deeply moving "songs." If only in some way this post can stand as a shield against the creeping vines of "snark" that have Infested our computer networks!

11 Word Movie Reviews/Son of Double Feature said...

Me love Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Me love it sooo much.

Bob Turnbull said...

Wow, this sucks really bad so far. I haven't read a single post. And I didn't laugh out loud while not reading them.

So beg me all you want, but I'm not submitting anything this year.

Nor will I start using phrases like "infantile japery". And I won't start soon.

Unknown said...

This was such an awful blog-a-thon with such poor participation! I'm so glad I kept myself away from it!

Lucas said...

i won't play along, and i certainly will be first

J.D. said...

You all suck. This isn't mine, btw.

PIPER said...

I hate all of your for participating in this. You have all sunken to depths unimaginable by me. There was a time when I held you all high, but that time has passed like a Cameron Diaz fart. I hear they are stinky.

From this day forth, I do declare that Rob Zombie is my hero. I have watched Halloween several times now and have burned my old copy of the John Carpenter so-called favorite.

Michael Bay rocks because he's awesome. But Bret Ratner edges him out a bit.

The Big Lebowski is the Coen Brothers best film and is very funny despite what everyone says.

And Titanic deserves every Oscar it ever got and then maybe a few more the year after.

Megan said...

I'm so glad noone is participating because I'd rather spend my time at work actually working.

Burbanked said...

Bizarro Piper may have left this thread for good, but it's still the 25th and I've had ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP. Here's not another of these unfun posts. I don't hope you're all proud of yourselves.

Now I'm going to go stay up late and get lots of work done.

Dan E. said...

Because I love to be the first one in, I felt the need to share my love for Ed Wood's masterpiece, Plan 9 From Outer Space

elgringo said...

Wow, over 40 entries. Piper, you must be proud of your evil creation! This was a blast.

elgringo said...

Oh, since the blog-a-thon is over, my previous comment shouldn't be taken to be the opposite of what's written. Right? This whole thing still confuses me.

Bob Turnbull said...

As long as the gorgeous new colour scheme is still active, I consider the Bizarro Days to still be in progress.

But let's wrap it up already! Geezus...We're all sick of the damn thing. Just put it out of its misery and get back to your usual crappy posts that I never read on a daily basis.

But keep the new colour scheme. Definitely keep that.

Burbanked said...

Piper said:

...a Cameron Diaz fart. I hear they are stinky.

Given the parameters of the Bizarro world, Piper's ability to qualify that statement is a bit horrifying to contemplate.

And sorry, pal, but the Eddie Murphy bit was not my third Bizarro entry, not not my second. Fifth is right out. Not.

I'm pretty sure there's no precedent for this not to keep not going.

ah f**k it. I'm getting a headache. For reals.

Anonymous said...

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