Thursday, July 24, 2008

The 12 Movies Meme

RC at Strange Culture wrote a post recently about Diablo Cody getting to choose 12 films to be featured at the New Beverly Cinema. Reading this news made me think a couple of things. My first thought was "jeez, they're letting anybody choose movies at New Beverly Cinema these days." And second was "this is a really good idea for a meme." RC gave me permission to run with the idea and so here I am presenting you with The 12 Movie Meme. The Meme that asks what if YOU could pick 12 movies to run at the New Beverly Cinema? On the surface it seems fun and easy, and yet scratch the surface a bit and you'll find a very daunting task because what you choose is a personal reflection. And you can't willy nilly it. Your 12 movies should be like a good mixed tape. Strong at first, brought down a little right after, then up again, solid in the middle with a big finish.

So here are the Meme rules:

1) Choose 12 Films to be featured. They could be random selections or part of a greater theme. Whatever you want.

2) Explain why you chose the films.

3) Link back to Lazy Eye Theatre so I can have hundreds of links and I can take those links and spread them all out on the bed and then roll around in them.

4) The people selected then have to turn around and select 5 more people.

My selections represent my overall taste and curiosity in movies. I am a lover of the strange and unpolished, and yet I am a also a hopeless romantic at heart which is why you'll find two of my favorite romantic comedies in the middle. I grouped my selections in two to reflect similar themes or to show how one paved the way for the other. The fact that Battle Royale kicks it off will could be a brilliant start or a big harpoon to the whole thing.

Monday - Tuesday

Battle Royale - Kinji Fukasaku (2000)

Three O'Clock High - Phil Joanou (1987)

Wednesday - Thursday

Song of the South
- Harve Foster/Wilfred Jackson (1946)

Coonskin - Ralph Bakshi (1975)

Friday - Saturday

Escape From New York
- John Carpenter (1981)

Streets Of Fire - Walter Hill (1984)

Sunday - Monday

High Fidelity
- Stephen Frears (2000)

Punch Drunk Love - P.T. Anderson (2002)

Tuesday - Wednesday

The Brood
- David Cronenberg (1979)

The Royal Tenenbaums - Wes Anderson (2001)

Thursday - Friday

All The Presidents Men - Alan J. Pakula (1976)

Zodiac - David Fincher (2007)

And here are my selections

Fletch at Blog Cabins

elgringo at He Shot Cyrus

JA at My New Plaid Pants

Caitlin at 1,416 and Counting

Alan at Burbanked

Fox at Tractor Facts

Jonathan at Cinema Styles

Ross at Anchorwoman In Peril!

Marilyn at Ferdy On Films

Adam at DVD Panache

And of course RC at Strange Culture

Good luck everyone. And even if I haven't tapped you feel free to include what your 12 movies would be in the comments section.


Adam Ross said...

Cool idea, I'm game. Strangely, I watched "The Brood" for the first time today, I'm planning to post some thoughts on it next week.

But enough about me, I like your picks -- Monday is a great double bill.

elgringo said...

Whoo-hoo, I'm in the first group!
I'll have my list up in the next day or two.

Adam Ross - The Brood is AWESOME!

Jason Adams said...

I did it and shit. Golly.

Fletch said...

If you're gonna tag me, could you at least not make such a mess? This is gonna take hours to clean up.

I, too, am game. I'll even work on this right now so I can procrastinate other posts I've been meaning to do for days.

whitney said...

I know this is off topic,! what a fabulous beard cap!!!

Anonymous said...

Piper, it'll be up in the next couple of days, after I lock myself in a room and agonize over my choices.

Fox said...

Excellent time killer for a Friday at work!!

Mine will be up as soon as I go pee...

p.s. Nice line about wondering why Diablo Cody was tapped to give us her slate of tastes.

Fox said...

Piper... I am now going to draw a stick figure of you on a POST-IT note and magnet it to my fridge since you recognized the totally awesome and amazing Streets of Fire! Hell yes!

Ms☆Go said...


Me likey!

Typing this up right away.

Fletch said...

DC Girl - you should, like, totally, check out the people that Piper tagged. Like, hint hint, and stuff. No, seriously, like, check them out. Wise man, that Piper.

Anonymous said...

Diablo Cody programmed Midnight Madness. How can anyone dislike this woman?

Burbanked said...

Thanks for giving me a theater, Piper. I can't wait for my first two weeks of movies!

Hey, I don't have to pay taxes on this thing, do I?

PIPER said...


That's what makes the beard cap so great. It sneaks up on you and then, bam, there it is and you're like "oh shit, that's a beard cap."


Go with it. Can't wait to see your picks.


I'm sure she's a good person. Just don't know that I can base any real judgment on her until she maybe writes another script. One that I don't think is highly overrated.


I thought it might make a good companion to Escape From New York. Michael Pare ain't no Kurt Russel, but it's still a pretty fun movie.

elgringo said...

Mine's up!

Keith said...

This was a good idea. Mine's up as well. Now to procure a theater!

elgringo said...

I love the Battle Royale/Three O'Clock High combo!

I'd go see Song of the South, but I'd be wearing a hoodie/sunglasses to hide my identity. I've never seen this before and I've always been curious.

Escape From New York/Streets of Fire - HELL YES! My screenings included The Warriors & Assault on Precinct 13!

High Fidelity made my list and I really, really enjoy Punch Drunk Love.

All your screenings kick ass!

Anonymous said...

My is up:

Ric Burke said...

I've been tagged by someone who was tagged by someone you tagged!


Here's the post


Here is my post.

I cried because I was left out for so long.

Unknown said...

Here is mine:

Nostalgia Kinky said...

I was tagged and just posted mine at Moon in the Gutter. Terrific idea for a of the most satisfying I have ever participated in.

PIPER said...

Thanks Jeremy, glad you liked it.

Megan said...

Alan hit me and I'm done. It was fun!

whitney said...

I did it! Check it out:

Fletch said...

So, how pissed is RC that he didn't say no and run with the 12 Movie Meme idea himself? ;) Seems like this has been a monstrous success.

Oh, and to paraphrase the Cranberries, since everyone else is doing it, here's mine.

PIPER said...


I don't think RC is the traffic/comment whore that I am, otherwise I think he would have run with this. I appreciate that he did.

Steve Langton said...

Jeremy at Moon In The Gutter tagged me. Just put my fest up.

Thnaks to J for alerting me to your blog. Keep up the excellent work!

Graham said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Graham said...

Hopefully you'll enjoy rolling around in this:

Joel Bocko said...

Your meme lives on! Here's my blog:

Check it out & comment if you want, on this or any other post...I'd love to get some discussions going over there.

tes said...

Here's mine..

Chick Young said...

Piper, I got tagged by Ross at Anchorwoman in Peril! So, I've got my 12 up! I tageed 5, one of whom has finsihed (he did 2 programs, one vampire and one no genre specific!) and 2 more confirmed that they will comly! Great idea - I had Lots of Fun participating! Cheers

Chick Youn

Adam said...

Here's my 12...

Mr. Peel aka Peter Avellino said...

It took me a little while, but here it is...

Emily Blake said...

Nobody tagged me but I got tired of waiting so I did it anyway.

Hugo Fuchs said...

Nobody tagged me, so I tagged myself off of Emily.

Anonymous said...

This Bill from the Uranium Cafe, and while I still have a few things to touch up for the 12 movie thingy I am almost finished and want to link up. I was sent here by Chick at Trash Aesthetics and Gilligan at Retrospace. Like I said, still needs a little more work, but it is almost there. thanks...


Ned Merrill said...

Belatedly by way of Steve at Last Picture Show:

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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