Thursday, March 15, 2007

Best Quote Ever

Damian over at Windmills Of My Mind wrote a recent post about how Philip Baker Hall might just be the Real Zodiac killer. An interesting thought. Which got me thinking about Philip Baker Hall. I'm not sure he's the Zodiac killer, but what I am sure about is that Philip Baker Hall might just be responsible for the best quote in movie history. As Floyd Gondolli in Boogie Nights, he delivered these three sweet sweet lines to Jack Horner.

"I like simple pleasures, like butter in my ass, lollipops in my mouth. That's just me. That's just something that I enjoy."

It was so good that you can see Robert Ridgely laughing in the background. Maybe it wasn't scripted, maybe it was. Maybe P.T. Anderson and Philip were rehearsing it without the knowledge of the rest of the cast, who knows. Who cares. It's one of the most memorable, honest, spontaneous quotes I have ever experienced in a movie.

And for my money, it is the best.


pacheco said...

Yes! I can't believe it! That's been one of my favorite quotes ever since I saw Boogie Nights and read the script (And for the record, I believe it was scripted, but PBH always elevates the material)!

I used to say this quote to people and they'd be so confused.

Moviezzz said...

Forget about BOOGIE NIGHTS, do you remember PBH when he appeared on SEINFELD as Mr. Bookman, the library detective? One of the funniest performances in comedy history. And this was before PTA started casting him.

He gives several rapid fire monologues to Jerry, who he thought stole a book. Just brilliant.

pacheco said...

JERRY: I hope there are no hard feelings...

BOOKMAN: Hard feelings? What would you know about hard feelings? You ever have a man die in your arms? You ever kill a man?

JERRY: What is your problem?

BOOKMAN: What's my problem? Punks like you, that's my problem.

He definitely stole the show.