Friday, March 2, 2007

Let The Linkage Commence

I have scoured the information super-highway (still makes me laugh) to give you the best and the brightest links I could find. And if you hate them, don't blame me, blame the bastards who wrote them. I'm just the lazy ass who is giving you a link.

Things Overheard on The Razzies Red Carpet - The Jay continues to make me laugh. And this entry is no exception.

Scientology Could Have Saved Anna Nicole - Another story where a Trekkologist (this time John Travolta) thinks he can save the world with what has been the best joke of the past hundred years. You can take the man out of the spaceship, but you can't take the spaceship out of the man.

Grindhouse 101 - Man I want to be Quentin Tarantino. He's taken over the New Beverly Cinema for the next month until the release of Grindhouse where he will be showing a few of his favorites. Read the post and see all the great posters of the movies being shown.

The Blog Crossover Event Of The Year - I'm not 100% sure what this is, but it sounds interesting. And if Becca is anything, she is interesting.

Have a good weekend. I bid you Godspeed. Go see Black Snake Moan and Zodiac.


Anonymous said...

Well, here are a few more for ya... (it's not what you think)

PIPER said...


I especially like scientology-kills

I can't believe anyone can talk about that without laughing.