Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kurt Is Pissed

According to Hollywood.com Kurt Russell is "enraged" that Gerard Butler is going to be playing Snake Plissken. So I clicked on the link to get the heavy scoop and this is what I read.

When Kurt Russell first heard the news, his initial reaction was "oh man."

Man, Kurt IS enraged. I could feel his rage come off my computer screen and try to strangle the life out of me. I could feel the hate from the deepest, darkest part of his body. I'm surprised he didn't pick up a road sign and smash it through a window he was so pissed.

Russell went on to say that if Plissken was one thing, he was American. Seething, white-hot blinding rage. I couldn't believe he could speak through all the bile that had built up in his throat.

Nice reporting Hollywood.com.

If only the casting were the reason to be pissed about them remaking yet another movie, and yet another John Carpenter movie.


Anonymous said...

They should not be doing this ... UGH ... Kurt's performance is so good in this movie ... just leave it alone, people!!

Karen said...

Kurt is right to be pissed. Making a Snake Plisken movie with a Brit (despite my love for them) is just plain wrong. I don't think they should make another movie, period. Even with Russell. Frankly, just as with Harrison Ford and the Indiana Jones series, he's just too old to pull it off now. And yes, I'll probably see the new Indy film but I'll be greatly disappointed.

Charlie said...

Thought you all might enjoy this one!