Friday, March 16, 2007

Distrubia Disturbs

Remember when the song "Ice Ice Baby" came out and everyone said, "man I like that song it's like I've heard it before." And then Kurt Loader or J.J. Jackson or Martha Stewart broke the news that Vanilla Ice was sampling "Under Pressure" by David Bowie and Queen? That's why we liked it. We had heard it before. It was a great song, dressed differently. Which would have been fine if Vanilla Ice would have paid his props up front. But he didn't. He tried to snow the public.

The same thing is happening with the upcoming movie Disturbia. It's Rear Window retold. Or in this case dressed down, because how do you dress up Rear Window? I went to the site here and didn't read anything about it being an homage to Alfred Hitchcock or Rear Window.

It seems that maybe the Studio is trying to dupe everyone by skewing the movie to a younger audience. Thinking that they won't remember or even care about Rear Window. It's like when Gwen Stefani remade "It's My Life." People loved that song. And I said yeah, I did too when Talk Talk did it about 20 years ago. And most people said "who?" and didn't really care to hear me repeat myself. They just went back to their Gwen Stefani song.

So I gotta ask, is this the future of the remake? No regard for classics or paying homage, just remaking and hoping everyone forgets the original? Probably not. But I think it's evidence of how Hollywood feels about its audience. They think we're too stupid or too disinterested to care that they're ripping off better movies.

Shia LaBoeuf is no Jimmy Stewart and Sarah Roemer is no Grace Kelly and D.J. Caruso is certainly no Alfred Hitchcock. And I'm not too stupid or too disinterested to say that Disturbia is no more than a shitty version of Rear Window. Whether they pay homage or not.


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