Friday, April 20, 2007

Flogging Bovies and Much

Linking, linking, linking

J.D. Judge over at Joe's Movie Corner tells us how much your blog is worth.

Glenn Dunks at Stale Popcorn writes an open letter to all who did not attend Grindhouse.

StinkyLulu shows us how to create the soundtrack to our lives.

And finally The Rec has a great game coming up in The Summer Box Office Tournament. Sign up and win a prize.


J.D. Judge said...

Damn it! Sorry. I meant to keep the little thing under the banner to say that the blog is still called Joe's Movie Corner. Just so you know. I just like the fake title.

And on Adult Swim shows, let's agree to disagree, although your wrong, okay? Lol.

Piper said...

Agree to disagree that a rolling, talking piece of raw meat is funnier than anything on The Venture Brothers.

Alright. You got me.

Made the change on the name.