Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Weinsteins Effed It Up

This is my last post about Grindhouse. Promise.

The second weekend didn't bode well for Grindhouse. I was ready to chalk up the first weekend's poor B.O. to Easter weekend, but it looks like nobody wants to see the movie. Why? Because I don't think they know what to expect or how to react. And don't give me that the movie is three hours long. Titanic was 3 hours and 17 minutes long and everybody lined up for that piece of shit.

Where I think they messed up was in the marketing. Grindhouse is not your normal movie outing, so why market it that way? So here's what I was thinking. Actually it came to me shortly after I saw it in Austin.

What helped the movie for me was having Tarantino and Rodriguez set it up. Not that I wouldn't have enjoyed it otherwise, but they help set the mood.

So here's what they should have done.

Go on a 3 to 6 month tour with the film, like a concert. Rodriguez and Tarantino show it maybe once or twice a night and only at cool venues (No Multi-Plex). And they set up each and every screening. The lines would be amazing and the buzz would be incredible. Then after that time, they give it a general release.

The purpose of making Grindhouse was to make going to movies an event again. What better way then to market it like an event. It's a missed opportunity and the Weinsteins are to blame.


garrett said...

It is sad. I've strongly recommended this to several friends who I know would enjoy it if theyd just give it a chance.

Their responses have been: "eh, I just dont care to see it" or "No Thanks".
I briefly told you about my experince, Piper. I loved the film(s). One of the coolest parts was getting up after the Thanksgiving trailer to get a coke refill. Me and another gentleman were racing to the concession stand (of course I beat him) once we arrived at the counter we looked at each other and he said "This is so Fing awesome". I concurred. I then said, it would be great if they would do more of these or possibly inspire more filmmakers to do this again. Even at the cinemark multiplex on the Plaza, the energy was still there. Could have been a little more hooting and hollering but it was a 5:30pm showing. My wife loved it too and shes not an easy sale.

Adam Ross said...

I still think a different name would have served it well. It's even hard to EXPLAIN what "grindhouse" means -- I usually end up calling it "exploitation." What if it was simply called "Double Feature" or "Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's Double Barrels"? Less fear of the unknown with a different name.

Sheamus the... said...

I agree man...thats what Simon Pegg, Ed Wright, and Nick Frost did with both Shawn and Fuzz. They toured most of the major cities promoting the film. Good call chief.