Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why David Lynch will never work for Jerry Bruckheimer

Not that we ever had to worry about that.


pacheco said...

I love that clip -- short and to the point. I got to see the man at the AFI Dallas Film Festival, and he's very nice, but always very frank. You gotta love that about him.

Though on a sidenote, I hear that Laura Dern is pushing for him to direct Jurassic Park 4, which I don't see happening.


omg -- that's so LYNCH. only with cussing.

love him.

Damian said...

YES! That is Awesome! Thanks, Piper, for finding that! :)

Piper said...


I admire you. It would be great to meet him. God help us if he directs Jurassic Park 4, but I don't imagine he would do that.


I love him too. It's surprising he said that since I heard that it's really not his character. More Boy Scout than anything.


Actually a friend sent it to me and I thought it too good to pass up.

Elijah Price said...


As much as we can piss each other off, I am still laughing my fucking ass off!


Sheamus the... said...

that was exciting. The reporter was taking forever in the obvious build up explaing what Lynch obviously already knows. But it was perfect because it gave me time to try and guess at least three times what he was going to respond with. David Lynch. The man who will always swim upstream.

Piper said...


Actually when you think about it. It was a stupid question to ask him. If you're familiar with his work, you know the answer before you ask the question.