Sunday, September 9, 2007

An Actual Conversation About Notes On A Scandal

This is an actual conversation I recently had with a friend regarding the movie Notes On A Scandal.

FRIEND: So have you seen the movie Notes On A Scandal?

ME: No, I haven't yet but I want to. I've heard it's good.

FRIEND: It's really good.

ME: Yeah?

FRIEND: Judi Dench is really creepy in it.

ME: Really?

FRIEND: Oh yeah.

ME: Even more creepy than a grown woman who is a teacher having an affair with one of her 15 year old students?


I saw Notes On A Scandal last night and I would have to agree with this entire conversation.


J.D. said...

She really truly is. [fetal posistion]

Ray said...

Interesting review, Piper.

I love Judi Dench!!!! After a mammoth and remarkable career, she continues to take bold and exciting risks. I wish every actor had her guts and talents.

Piper said...

Not really meant to be a review Ray, just an observation.

Yes Judi is amazing and yes what makes her amazing is that she does take on these roles.

Garrett said...

Shes so mean in this movie. The worst kind of mean. Her character takes passive aggression to a whole new level.

Piper said...

I don't know that she's passive aggressive. Just very manipulative. When it comes time, she is very aggressive. And yes, she is mean.

Garrett said...

I guess it seemed passive because she is very, very angry at her co-worker but acts like shes not, then acts like shes helping her out (because shes just that good of friend).