Friday, September 28, 2007

Paintball, Diary Of The Dead and MySpace

This weekend a friend of mine along with our sons went paintballing. Ever been paintballing? It hurts, especially when you get hit in the back by your son who is on your team and is only about 10 feet away. Evidently there was a national paintball tournament going on in Kansas City last weekend (I'm going to call it NAPUKE or National Association of Paintballers Unite and Kill Everyone) so instead of paintballing outside which is where we would normally do it, we were forced to play inside. And by inside, I mean limestone caves. In the movie Deep Impact, Morgan Freeman talks of retreating to the limestone caves in Missouri to take shelter when the meteor hits. While a giant meteor hitting the world might be the stuff of fiction, the limestone caves of Missouri are not. Lots and lots of stuff is stored in these caves. And did I mention the caves are smelly? So anyway, last weekend we attempted to play paintball in stinky limestone caves against professional paintballers half our age. Our children were terrified and I got a lot of bruises from being shot a lot. But being in those stinky caves made me think of George Romero shooting in the caves of Pittsburgh when he was making Day Of The Dead. The idea that not only could I get shot by a hard pellet of paint anywhere on my body, but might also get attacked by a flesh-eating zombie in those limestone caves kinda gave me the willies.

So here's my train of thought thus far. Paintballing in the stinky limestone caves of Kansas City makes me think of George Romero and more specifically Day Of The Dead. And that lead me to get excited about George's new film Diary Of The Dead. I was not a fan of Land Of The Dead and rolled my eyes a bit when I heard he was making yet another Dead film. But that was before I knew the premise. Going back to the beginning and having a young group of film makers document the zombies taking over is an interesting idea. So yesterday, I spent a considerable amount of time looking for the trailer to Diary Of The Dead and the only real bit I found was on the MySpace page here. And let me just say how much I dislike MySpace. It truly is a testament to the kind of lackluster technology people will settle for. I clicked on this page and immediately wanted nothing to do with it. The navigation sucks and it is not really built for promotion which is funny since its original intention was to help bands network.

So to make a long story short, other than knowing that it is released sometime in 2007, and word that I have read about it at the Toronto Film Festival, I really know nothing more about Diary Of The Dead. Is there a trailer somewhere? Does anyone know when it is officially going to be released? There is a bruised amateur paintballer that reeks of damp limestone in Kansas City that wants to know.


Ray said...

The only available trailer is on myspace - and yeah, myspace sucks.

There are several making of videos on youtube about the film. It has gotten mostly terrible reviews thus far. It sounds pretty terrible from the synopsis I read.

Adam Ross said...

Piper: "Son, I'm on your team!"

Piper's son: "Haha, there are no teams!"

Sheamus the... said...

Ha...nice. I used to be huge into paintball until falling out from under the wings of my parents and realizing its an expensive hobby.
Diary of the Dead. I will definitely see it. Not too too excited. It seems a lot like Cloverfield if you ask me. Bu thta tcould be a goo dthing or a bad thing. We dont know. But hey...I'm all about the undead. I want to see Fido.

Sheamus the... said...

Oh...the caves sound awesome. The coolest plave I have ever played...legally at least, was this old abandoned high school that was turned in to a paintball arena. I felt like I was in a SWAT team. Pretty awesome.

Piper said...


I can't even figure out how the hell to see the trailer from that mess. And I would say it sounds pretty interesting if they pull it off well.


It wasn't even that. I got shot early on and knew it was from someone on my team and it wasn't until the car ride home that my son confessed to shooting me.


This all began when I took my son to play lazer tag the weekend before (he got a good report card and I agreed to take him there). I had such a good time, I decided to take it up a notch and go paint balling. I had only been once before. It was a horrible mistake.