Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Calling All Screaming Obsessive Compulsives

Do you scare easily and like to make lists? Ed Hardy at Shoot the Projectionist is asking everyone and anyone to submit a list of the 31 Greatest Horror Films for his 31 Greatest Horror Films: Survey Announcement. To say that I'm excited about stumbling on to this would be an understatement.

Neil over at The Bleeding Tree is beginning to tackle this project and has set himself with some guidelines to help narrow his list. You can check that out here. He has some very interesting thoughts about how to define a horror movie. It's a bit too stringent for me, but I might argue that Neil's knowledge of all things horror is a bit more vast than mine, so he has to give himself these guidelines.

Anyway, look for my list here in the upcoming weeks.

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Eddie Hardy said...

Thanks for linking to the announcement of our survey! Bleeding Tree's definition of horror certainly was interesting and provocative, wasn't it? It got me thinking so much I put up a post asking everybody to send in their own definitions of horror. I'm interesting in seeing what criteria everyone is using when compiling their lists--and more generally, what their ideas are about the genre.