Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Bizarro Fallout

Bizarro Days are over but they are not forgotten. A lot of you came clean on your thoughts about various movie topics such as Star Wars, Nic Cage, the use of color in movies, remakes. I liked the idea of a Bizarro Blog-a-Thon because it would allow people to let down their hair a bit as it relates to film criticism. There can be some interesting things that come out in 180 degree thinking. You can happen on to a thought or an idea you would have never even considered before. So although this was a goof for the most part, I saw some interesting thinking nonetheless.

Judging from the comments on most of the posts, I would say that you all came out smelling like roses. No permanent damage done due to outlandish statements. I myself may have not fared so well. I did not take my own advice and include a Bizarro Banner on my post about Woody Allen and was called a 'Pig'. Oh well, I've been called worse.

But aside from that, Bizarro Days were a huge success. I was pleased to see so much participation and so many people entering multiple times. It looks like everyone had fun. So much fun in fact that I'm going to host this annually, assuming I'm still blogging a year from now. So count on another Bizarro Days around this time next year. In the meantime, here is a list of upcoming blog-a-thons.

The Slapstick Blog-a-Thon September 7-10 at Film Of The Year

The William Wyler Blog-a-Thon
September 21-23 at goatdogblog

The Montogmery Clift Blog-a-Thon October 17th at Film Experience

The Kurosaw-a-Thon November 15-22 at filmsquish

The Close-Up Blog-a-Thon October 12-21 at The House Next Door

Thanks again to all who participated and helped spread the word. If I've forgotten any blog-a-thons, let me know.


Ray said...

Oh, you WILL be blogging a year from now. You MUST. Either that, or the internet will collapse in on itself. It NEEDS you, Piper!!!!!

Elijah Price said...


As much as I consider you my personal Bizarro, I must concure with Ray. You must keep posting the bromidic theory you do. Your lack of intendment of the proletarian, is both farcical and enthralling. I find you to be a worthy oppugnant while at the same time wondering if we were to ever meet would we develop a fellowship of sort. One can only ponder.

Yes Piper, like the movie world needs the likes of DeNiro and your beloved Carpenter, the internet needs the likes of you. Well done on your blog. You are to be commemorated on a job well done.

Your obsequious entrant.

Elijah Price

Gautam said...

Great work on the Blogathon Piper- had a great time reading/ writing.

Here's to the reverse-S! Cheers!