Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Monty. A Blog-a-Thon

I feel a little guilty because I have come up empty for the Montgomery Clift Blog-a-Thon going on a Film Experience Blog today. And it's Monty's Birthday no less, so how disrespectful is that? It's like I got invited to Monty's party and didn't bring a gift.

SFX: Door Bell. Door opens and there stands Montgomery Clift.

PIPER: Hello Mr. Clift.

MONTY: Piper, please. Call me Montgomery.

PIPER: Can I call you Monty?


PIPER: Gotcha. Happy Birthday by the way. What are you now?


PIPER: Really? That old? I pegged you at 65.

MONTY: Well, welcome. The gift table is right there on the right where Liz is standing.

PIPER: Yeah, about that. You see, I had planned on putting together a little something for you but you know how it goes. Kids. Wife. No time.

MONTY: Actually, I don't how that goes.

PIPER: Right, right. Sorry. But hey, I showed up right? That's worth something. And I did bring a bottle of wine.

MONTY: Thank you that's very thoughtful. Why does it say Merry Christmas Pipers 2004?

PIPER: Whoops. Let's just remove that and it's good as new. So... you going to invite me in or what?

MONTY: I suppose.

PIPER: Now where are you hiding that bar? And do you have any of those shrimps on the toothpick with the bacon wrapped around them, that is if Liz hasn't eaten them all, right? Humor, that's a gift right Monty? Oh, I mean Montgomery.

Good Gawd. Sorry Monty. Sorry Nat. Please help me redeem myself and visit Film Experience Blog and show Montgomery the respect he deserves.



you know. Monty is very sensitive and you really shouldntaoughtahavenot hurt his feelings like that.

just sayin'

Piper said...

I agree. I've got bad karma from this.