Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Wes Craven Remakes Himself

So I'm perusing the IMDB site, looking to see what year Last House On The Left was made when I come across this little tidbit. Seems Wes Craven is going to remake his old movie Shocker. This time with Kane Hodder in the role of Horrace Pinker. But don't start buying your "That's right, Kane Hodder is the new Horrace Pinker" shirts just yet because it says he's still in negotiations. I can't imagine that an update of a serial killer that travels through electrical wiring was needed. Even with better special effects, this movie will still be dumb. But what do I know, I thought Rocky Balboa was going to be bad.

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Sheamus the... said...

his old movie was crazy...i love how the last act goes down though.