Monday, October 15, 2007

An Homage Of Sorts

So I work at an advertising agency and as a pet project every year, we do work for the Filmfest Kansas City. We do posters and if time and favors allow, we also do a commercial. I just completed this commercial and I'm posting it for a few reasons. One, because it's an homage to Altman's The Player, specifically the scene where Buck Henry pitches The Graduate II to Tim Robbins. Second, because the FilmFest begins this coming weekend and anyone within range of Kansas City should go because the films are always good.

So back to the spot. What I love about the pitch process, as told by The Player and most movies about Hollywood, is the lack of originality associated with it. It's a wham, bam thank-you-mam approach and it seems the best way to do that is to borrow from other movies. So really you're not pitching an original idea, you're pitching ideas associated with other movies so that the Greenlighter can get it and get it fast. It certainly doesn't lend itself to any new thought which is what Film Festivals award. So I thought I would spoof that early scene between Buck Henry and Tim Robbins to make a statement about independent thought and associate that with Filmfest Kansas City.

Anyway, here's the spot.


Ray said...

Nice job, Piper!! The Player is a favorite movie of mine, and you did a nice homage!

Which one were you?

Piper said...

Thanks Ray,

I was the behind the camera directing. I got no business in front of the camera.

Garrett said...

Thats funny stuff.
You even got the guy quickly spinning the pin while saying "Whatya got for me/"

Piper said...

Thanks Garrett,

You should know the guy. It's Jules.