Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cinema On TV

Through the advice of Kramer I have gone and viewed all of the Halo 3 spots. I love commercials that are larger than the box they come from and these are a perfect example. In the commercials we are witnessing in documentary style a tribute to a what looks to be one hell of a war. Throughout these spots old warriors are being interviewed in what is called the Museum Of Humanity. These are fantastic spots, breaking through in a category that has set the bar pretty high, plus they elevate the game to a much higher level. And all of this from a guy who doesn't even like the game.


Kramer said...

When I first saw this series of spots a few weeks ago, I about died from how cool they were. Make sure you see them all Piper, as the older gentleman who recounts the battle in the museum is pretty awesome stuff too.

A great lesson in how to stand out in the video game crowd. Less was really more with these spots. Most of all, the fan boys love them. (Also spot lights my boy Chopin on the piano.)

Sheamus the... said...

love em...there are a couple more out there too. Some actual battle ones. These capture the imagination beautifully though.