Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What Is Your Rosebud?

There are things that we cherish. That we hold dear to our hearts. Things that remain on our shelves for years that we may not take down but to look at them is to instantly go back to a cherished time. Charles Foster Kane had his sled Rosebud. It may have been his favorite toy, or it may just have symbolized the time in his life when he was happiest. Everyone has a Rosebud. Mine is The Green Machine big wheel. Perhaps the finest piece of machinery I have ever maneuvered (and that includes the big metal boxes I drive around in today). It was the 2.o of big wheels with a simpler design, eliminating the steering column and replacing it with two gear shifts. What child doesn't love the idea of shifting gears? Not only was it one of my most cherished toy, it symbolized how simple and fun childhood can be when the most important thing in the world is a really good spin out. I missed my opportunity with my son to live vicariously through him with a new The Green Machine, which by the way have gotten pretty damn pricey. Maybe I can get my daughter turned on to one. So does this mean I miss that simple time and regret growing up, or does it mean that The Green Machine was one hell of a toy. Let's just say you won't be hearing me uttering The Green Machine right before I buy the farm.


Anonymous said...

My Green Machine was quite possibly the finest handling vehicle I've ever encountered, turning on a dime. I was 3-time President Ave. racing champion with that baby. Believe it or not, it was stolen one day from our yard! If I ever find that sumbitch who stole it... Probably that Tommy Martin - he was so jealous of my superior machine. sF

Ray said...

It was an awesome toy!!

My Rosebud (which is not my anus, no matter how many pictures of it you can find on the internet) is a train set I had which covered our basement. It had this delicate silver engine with a working smoke stack that I called Tinkerbell - which, of course, worried my Dad endlessly.

Man, I sure hope I don't mutter "Tinkerbell" on my death bed. Who knows what people might think.

Burbanked said...

It's not terribly interesting - and it is vaguely embarrassing - but for the longest time I had a 9" tall troll doll long before troll dolls became popular. His name was "Billy" and my mom hand-made him several outfits. I didn't really play with him, didn't really attach that much significance to him. But for some reason I kept Billy for all of these years through moves and even through my father's Great Basement Toy Extermination of 1987.

Roughly a week and a half ago, my four-month old mutt puppy chewed Billy's hair off.

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Piper said...

Ray and Burbanked,

Very revealing you two. It's funny what we hold on to. Ray, what was the brand of your train? Lionel?

Adam Ross said...

When I was 3 my dad went to New York, and I couldn't believe he would actually be able to visit the Statue of Liberty, since I had just finished reading a pop-up book about it. He brought me back an 8-inch replica of Lady Liberty, and I treated it like an Oscar, perhaps because I had never imagined that such a thing could be made. Ever since then, that statue's been on a shelf somewhere in my dwelling, and it just may have to be buried with me.

Moviezzz said...

I didn't have a Green Machine, but a friend of mine did. He had a steep driveway that we would drive it down.

Still remember those turns on it. So much fun.

I'm going to have to pick one up for my niece or nephew.

Piper said...


I also had something somewhat similar. It was a music box piano that played adel vice (sp). I used to stick it under my pillow to help me go to sleep. Okay, it's really nothing like your Statue Of Liberty.


Buy one for your niece or nephew, take pictures of them riding it and then send me the pictures since I believe I have missed my opportunity to enjoy my children in it.

Anonymous said...

My rosebud was a Big Jim. He was a competitor to GI Joe, but I don't remember him being a GI. What is a GI anyway? Big Jim could do karate. My Big Jim used to karate chop the shit out of stuff. He didn't care what it was. But this was in the early 70's, before things got overly political. There are days now that I wish I had ole Big Jim around. I run into lot's of stuff could use a good karate chop.

Ray said...

@ Piper - Sure, Lionel. That sounds a little butchier.