Sunday, December 2, 2007

I'm This Many Years Old

Last Tuesday, November 27th, was officially my one year blogging anniversary. I decided to mix things up a bit by creating a different blog every day. Day 1 was Lazy Eye Lawn And Gardening, Day 2 was The Lazy Eye Spice Rack, Day 3 was The Lazy Eye Puppet Theater and Day 4 was The Lazy Eye Whittlin Block. I probably alienated the four people who read my blog every other week in the process, but I have to say it was fun as hell.

Blogging is a pretty incredible thing. Multiple conversations with dozens of people I wouldn't know if I passed them on the street. My wife still doesn't understand it, or necessarily like it. She rolls her eyes when I get excited about a post or laughs at me when I'm convinced that everyone is conspiring against Lazy Eye and holding a quiet boycott. Really, there's no difference between the feelings I have blogging and the feelings I have as a creative in an advertising agency. As a creative, I am inherently broken. A misfit in the land of misfit toys. So it's always good to throw me in the middle of situations that can promote feelings of paranoia and neglect. But I try to act like it doesn't effect me when the truth is my moods go as my traffic goes. I'm high when people are reading and commenting, and down in the dumps when I hear the crickets. Like I've said in the past, I'm needy.

But anyways, I've hit what seem like milestones to me in my first year and I would like to give them their props.


According to Statcounter I've had 38,000 unique visitors this year. Most of them probably looking for Hot Chicks With A Lazy Eye which I found pops up in Google Search while looking for Lazy Eye Theatre. And I've had about 9,000 returning visitors for the year, which means that whoever is looking for Hot Chicks With A Lazy Eye continues to come back every hour hoping that I will start writing about them very soon.


I have hosted two Blog-a-Thons. The John Carpenter Blog-a-Thon and the Bizarro Blog-a-Thon. I was very happy with the results of both and have been asked that I make the Bizarro Blog-a-Thon an annual event which I believe I will.

I have participated in 22 Blog-a-Thons this year with multiple posts in several of them. I think my favorite post is still my first and that is for Lucas' 100 films Lovesick Blog-a-Thon titled Damn You John Hughes.

I have officially made myself the keeper of all Blog-a-Thons right alongside Edward Copeland and filmsquish.


I have been tagged five times with a Meme. Once with Burbanks Blogophone which I think I single-handedly drove into the ground. Twice with the 8 Things Meme by My New Plaid Pants and Culture Snob. The posts are here and here. And I was honored to be tagged not once but twice with the Thinking Bloggers Award by Damian at Windmills Of My Mind and J.D. at Joe's Movie Corner.

And I attempted to start a Meme of my own which received the participation of The Rec, Final Girl and Burbanked, but then died a most horrible death.

In addition, I have had the honor to post on Edward Copeland On Film while he needed some help and just recently I was a guest blogger for Nathanial at Film Experience while he was away.

I would like to give some special shout outs to Ray at The Rec, Jim at Moviezzz, Adam at DVD Panache (love the new title visual by the way), Damian at Windmills Of My Mind and Joseph B at itsamadmadblog2 for making me feel all nice and welcome with their traffic and comments when I began all this.

And extra special thanks to Nathanial at Film Experience for his most helpful advice to help me along my way.

Thanks to everyone for your opinions, your support and of course your comments.

Blog like you've never blogged before.


Ray said...


Happy Birthday Piper!!

We love you at The Rec Show, and we hope to always have your unique voice reverberating in this wild and untamed internet forest.


Megan said...
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Megan said...

Sorry, I'll try again...

Congratulations, Piper. And in the words of Joe Gargery, I'll make a prediction...

"You know Pip, you and me was ever friends."

Burbanked said...

Congrats and happy belated blog-day, Piper. My day truly would be incomplete with a trip to LET to experience your delightful prose, movie smarts and occasional bouts of sheer madness.

But I have to ask: with the clean update to your site, is "Unwitting Lazy Eye Sponsor" gone forever? That will make me sad.

Piper said...

Thanks Ray,


I had an old friend who I used to work with who called me Pip, so when I first read that it was like an old wind blew through the room. In short, it was nice.


Shit, I forgot I took it off. As a great admirer of the subtleties (such as From The Brains Of Bloggers) I of course will bring it back.

Adam Ross said...

Good read on the yearly report. Communicating genuine enthusiasm in print is never easy, but you're able to do it with each post. Maybe I should hold off on organizing those silent boycotts you spoke of -- the biweekly meetings are pretty sparsely attended as it is.

pacheco said...

Ahh, a new look for a new year.

My favorite post has to be the one that got me reading your blog in the first place:

Grandpa Joe The Imposter

It's the kind of post that I went around telling my friends and family, "This guy I read online wrote this hilarious thing..."

Here's to another year.

Moviezzz said...

Congrats Piper!

It has been only a year? Wow. It seems like I've been reading for years.

Great job. Keep up the good work.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Congratz on 1 year blogging! I love the rundown on the happenings and particulars, list list and more lists.

Blogging is one of those things that seems to take on a life of it's own! I started with one, been up to 4 am currently at 3 and might go back to 2. It's loony! But a fun ride.

Looking forward to see what the next year brings for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're here. You've steadily moved up my daily must-read queue to a solid #4. Keep reaching for the stars. I thought your one week self-tribute was brilliant on so many levels: the concept, the writing, the humor, and mostly, somebody posting from a different genre every day. Man, if you could keep THAT up, that would be something. But if it took away from Lazy Eye, I wouldn't read you - in protest.

I hope we pass on the street one day and I recognize you in person. sF

Stacie Ponder said...

I always thought that picture on your blog was you, so I figured I'd easily recognize you on the street. But then someone told me it was some dude named "Marty Feldstein" or something, so I guess I'd walk right by you.


But really, a big fat congrats to you! LET kicks ass. I'm glad we've cyber-met.

And YES, please, Bizarro Blog-a-thon must return!

Piper said...


I'm genuinely a pretty enthusiastic guy so I'm glad that comes across on the page. That's a thoughtful compliment and I appreciate it greatly.


The fact that I could write something that you would tell others about makes me all goosepimply. And the fact that I wrote that about 8 months ago makes me depressed.


Dat you Steve Fromm?

Tony Tanti said...

Happy Birthday, your site is one I visit frequently.

Keep it up.

Joseph B. said...

Piper, cheers my friend for your anniversary. I was kinda digging the spice rack blog. We all need good, wholesome outlets that espouse the qualities of spices and condiments.

* (asterisk) said...

Congrats, Piper. Here's to the next one.

J.D. said...

Happy belated Blogoversary, Piper. [thumbs-up, sitcom-style]

Piper said...

Thanks everyone. I haven't gotten a thumbs up sitcom style for quite some time. Thanks J.D.