Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Top 5 Tuesdays (T5T) Fuzz Edition

Cops. Sometimes they come in pairs, sometimes they work alone. And sometimes they work with dogs. Sometimes they're undercover, sometimes in full attire. Some are crooked and others are by the book. Some are crooked looking to get straight and some are so crooked they make the bad guys look good. Whatever you want to say about cops, they make for some damn fine cinema. So let's celebrate them and hope they read this before the next sobriety check comes around. Give me your top 5 cop movies. Here are mine in no particular order.

1. Hot Fuzz The more I see this film, the more it grows on me. A great spoof with gags around every corner and a little horror thrown in for good measure. What more could you ask for?

2. Die Hard The reluctant hero never looked so good as Bruce Willis. And Hanz may be one of the best baddies around.

3. Prince Of The City Treat Williams had an out of body experience during this film he was so good. To me this is the essential corrupt cop film.

4. Lethal Weapon 2 The first one was a thinking man's buddy cop film. The second one had a lot more fun.

5. The French Connection If I'm ever in some kind of playground game where we're picking cops to be on our team and it's my turn to choose and Popeye Doyle is available... I'm picking that salty sumbitch to be on my team.


Fletch said...

1. Stakeout
2. Everything else


Anil Usumezbas said...

First of all, welcome to LAMB. I am fairly new here as well, #81.

Mines will be in particular order:

1. Sin City
2. No Country For Old Men
3. Reservoir Dogs
4. The Usual Suspects
5. The Departed

Piper said...


Nice choices. Sin City is a good one I didn't think about.

Marilyn said...

1. L.A. Confidential
2. The Naked City
3. L.627
4. Beverly Hills Cop
5. Cure

Honorable mentions: Serpico, Impulse, Gideon's Day

Piper said...


I haven't said this before but I appreciate your entries on stuff such as this because you bring a well-rounded perspective.

I'm all Hot Fuzz and Lethal Weapon 2 and shit and you're all Naked City and L.627.

Never heard of Cure. But I just read about it and I must have it.

Thanks again

Marilyn said...

Cure is really a horror movie inside a cop story. Kiyoshi Kurosawa is just a master of these things. There's a blog out there somewhere that's doing a blogathon on Kurosawa, and I want to write about Cure. I've seen it three times, and I could see it a dozen more. It's so creepy and corrupt.

Marilyn said...

Oh, and thanks. My pleasure.

Evan Derrick said...

My list, just to be ornery and completely different:

1. Dirty Harry
2. Robocop
3. Heat
4. Blade Runner
5. The Untouchables

I'd have to put Die Hard and L.A. Confidential on there too, but like I said, being different and ornery. :)

Megan said...

This is a tough call. So many good ones and plus I keep thinking of private eye stuff instead. I would add:

Running Scared (Crystal & Hines, 'natch)

WaywardJam said...

All great mentions. I've got to throw in The Departed's lesser known inspiration:

Infernal Affairs

What? No one's going to nominate K-9? Turner & Hooch? I'm just saying...

Garrett said...

I'm with you on #1

Hot Fuzz
Training Day
Lethal Weapon
Running Scared
Beverly Hills Cop

Garrett said...

Shit, forgot about-
Tango & Cash and Alien Nation

Joseph B. said...

1. Al Pacino in Heat- I love how commanding his walk is.
2. Gene Hackman- The French Connection
3. Bruce Dern in The Laughing Policeman, and pretty much Dern in anything! He embodies the perfect cop to me- lazy, unwilling to follow every lead until its conclusion, bitter, sardonic.... and he solves the case.
4. Treat Williams in Prince of the City- you said it best, Piper.
5. And just for fun, Denis Leary in "The Job", a hugely under appreciated TV show from back in the day.

And holy crap, Marilyn.. will you marry me? Someone who knows and appreciates the beaurucratic greatness of "L.627". And what a knockout of a final shot.

Piper said...

Oh I just love it that my blog could be the beginning of a really big relationship.

Thanks to everyone who mentioned Running Scared. I love that movie.


Nicely done with Alien Nation

Megan said...

Thanks for not pointing out that I misplaced my apostrophe...

matthew said...

How about:

Black Rain (1989)
Training Day (2001)
Colors (1988)
To Live and Die in L.A. (1985)

and, of course...

Super Fuzz (1980)

Anonymous said...

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