Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Top 5 Tuesdays (T5T) Hearts Robots

Robots. They're going to be our masters one day so let's honor them now and put ourselves in a favorable position for when the hammer comes down. Give me your top 5 movies with robots. Here my list, and it's completely random.

1. Robocop Who knew Peter Weller had such identifiable lips.

2. The Iron Giant One of my favorite animated features from Brad Bird.

3. Blade Runner You don't really get the satisfaction of seeing the metal brutes in full glory because of all that stupid skin and veins and stuff.

4. Runaway Maybe it's Gene Simmons, maybe it's Selleck's stash, but I love this movie.

5. Terminator 2 I actually prefer the first one, but I gotta give it up to the special effects here.


Adam Ross said...

#1 begs the question: who has more identifiable lips, Peter Weller or Michael Keaton?

Runaway -- God bless Michael Crichton the director. It's also one of those great early 80s movies where, because it had guns and robots, it HAD to have a topless scene no matter how it figured into the story.

"Rewrite! We need a topless chick in here, I don't care where, just have her wander into the frame and get shot by Gene Simmons."

Moviezzz said...
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Fox said...

1. A.I.
2. Deadly Friend (includes best basketball-as-weapon kill scene EV-ER!)
3. Return of the Jedi
4. Sleeper
5. Tetsuo

Fletch said...

Bicentennial Man.

Just kidding.

Megan said...

Making Mr. Right. So horrible but I love it anyway. John Malkovich and Ann Magnuson! Can you imagine what they could have done with a good movie?

Mel Ott said...

Cherry 2000

Garrett said...

I really wanted to be the first person to say Short Circuit, bummer

1. short circuit
2. star wars
3. space camp- Jinx
4. Alien
5. Making Mr. Right

Burbanked said...

That RUNAWAY poster is hilarious, and a good lesson for us all: just because your one-sheet features a robot spider, space-age kevlar and a big-ass Gun That Does Not Exist doesn't mean that your audience will understand. Best to be safe and include "IT IS THE FUTURE" on there as well.

I don't have any robots that others haven't ably mentioned. Just wanted to chime in.

Dan E. said...

I'll be the first to throw out the anticipatory Wall-E.

In other robot randomness, the humans are dead.

Marilyn said...

1. Robby the Robot
2. Robby the Robot
3. Robby the Robot
4. Robby the Robot
5. Robby the Robot

Piper said...


Deadly Friend and the basketball is the sweetest killing ever.


This close to mentioning HeartBeeps. This close.

mel ott,

Cherry 2000 is sweet.

The Critical Critic said...

The Day the Earth Stood Still
I, Robot
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Anonymous said...

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