Sunday, April 13, 2008

You Tubin Down The Lazy River

I'm busy as holy shit so I got nothin today. Nothin' I tells ya.

So I gotta do the lazy thing and dip into the ole' YouTube bag o' tricks for some quick material.

And I found one of the sweetest videos on YouTube ever created. That's right.

The video is the fight scene from They Live... now if I stopped there, that would be something. Maybe not something incredibly fantastically great. But it would be pretty frickin cool because that's a great fight. Say what you will about They Live, but that's a great damn fight. Okay, it's the fight scene from They Live.... again, if I stopped there, that would be worth it. My work would be done. People would say "Piper's lazy, but he's got good taste when he's lazy."But when I go lazy, I don't go half-assed lazy. I give 110% in my complete lazy assedness. So that's why I've posted the fight scene from They Live, inter-cut with the cripple fight from South Park.

Pretty damn sweet if you ask me.


Adam Ross said...

"I'm busy as holy shit"

That's beautiful. Almost sounds like Mamet.

Don Drysdale said...

Best post yet.

Piper said...


Mamet. Sweet.

Everybody needs money. That's why they call it money. - Heist

That line feels big and profound but I'm not sure what it means.

don drysdale,

That's good to hear. I'll stop trying so much.

Garrett said...

Love Roddy Piper, great wrestler.

Anonymous said...

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