Tuesday, April 1, 2008

So What's With The Elephant?

It's April Fools Day friends so I'm sure my son is going to tell me that my shoe is untied about a million frickin times and you know what, I'm not falling for it. Not this time, pal. Anyway, April 1st also marks the 2nd Annual White Elephant Blogathon over at Lucid Screening and for the second frickin time in a row, I got a legit movie. While they're dolling out masterpieces like Raptor and King Kung Fu like it was candy in a store, I get heavy, meaningful movies which means I have to pay attention and I have to think and I have to pay it some respect. Garrrrrrsh. Here is last year's entry from yours truly. And because of this, because I have a legit movie which I have never seen before which I should have seen before because it's actually a really good movie thus far, I do not have my entry done for the 2nd Annual White Elephant Blogathon. And because I now have a dog and that dog loves to get up from 3 until about 5 every morning and whine and because I'm a light sleeper I usually wake up at that time unless I put a pillow over my head but that makes my head all sweaty and then I can sleep so I'm really tired. Needless to say, my ability to stay up past the kiddies and watch the movies that need watching is on a little bit of hiatus until we get the doggie to sleep through the night.

So expect my post on my movie soon and until then, check out The 2nd Annual White Elephant Blogathon at Lucid Screening.

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