Monday, May 19, 2008

Why I Won't Burn My Entire Scorsese Movie Collection Just Yet

Watch the commercial and then read my commentary.

Shortly after I witnessed the public whoring of Scorsese in the Frexinet Sparkling Wines commecial, I saw another commercial in which he starred and suddenly all things were right in the world again. The commercial was for AT&T, and the message was "please be courteous and turn off your cell phones during the movie." I'm of the camp that doesn't mind commercials before movies if they are truly entertaining. And this one was. The acting is perfect from all three characters and the commercial lets Scorsese do his fast-talking, frantic thing and the result feels spontaneous - as it should. It's really something to think that this commercial was shot several times and directed pretty tightly, yet Scorsese's performance feels in the moment. Looks like my Scorsese movie collection will survive after all.


Anonymous said...

This is the definitive "don't talk on your phone" during the movie commercial. There can be no better idea.

Tim Chambers said...

Curious that I've not seen this full-length version in theaters before. The version I always see is edited quite a bit shorter and is missing the "vengeance" bit which is great. Either way, this is one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...


the sad truth is that the "vengenance" bit probably got entered in the award show but was cut by AT&T.


Piper said...

I'm afraid anonymous (brian) is right.

Anonymous said...

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