Friday, April 24, 2009

Michelle Rodriguez Ain't Half Bad. When She Smiles

This woman has made a very small career mostly out of sneering and snarling. But why? She really is beautiful when she smiles. Check out those pearly whites.



No hay comparaciĆ³n



hermosa locura

Por favor, llame a un doctor.


Ed Howard said...

I must admit I kind of like her badass snarl. Angry girls are cool.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

I didn't know she was programmed for smiling.

PIPER said...


I do dig the angry girl from time to time. And I have to admit, and don't hold it against me because I have an 11 year old son, but I did see Fast and the Furious and in the short amount of time she's in that movie, she smiles a bit. And I thought, hey she really is beautiful when she smiles. So then I look up some photos and bam, there she is. And damn, look at that sweet smile.

And so here we are.

PIPER said...


I didn't think it was possible. But check out that toothy grin. She was made for it.

Fox said...

Very nice.

It really is amazing how her face lights up with a simple smile.

There's a reason she was cast in Girlfight, I guess.

Jason Bellamy said...

The smile is nice. The best look though is the "no fuckin' way you can handle this" Mona Lisa snarl of the "exactamente" pic.

This about as much thinking as I want to do on a Friday, so thank you!

PIPER said...


It really is true. I've heard that she can cure major diseases just by smiling.


exactamente, not to be confused with excremento.

Anonymous said...

From the smile to her 'usual' it's like two different people.

She does have a pretty dour expression in the "Excremento" pic, but is it that bad?!

I'm partial to the last one. Somebody please tell her I am a doctor!


I can't believe that's the same person.

Wasn't she in SWAT? That movie sucked.

PIPER said...

A. Decker and Joseph,

Here's how it works. I'm in a dark room. I bring in my computer and launch this post. Pictures of Michelle appear on my screen and suddenly the room lights up.

It's amazing. You should try it.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

Michelle Rodriguez movies should be rated on a scale that considers only the amount of body armor she is wearing. If you can only see her snarl, you're in for bad news.

Reel Whore said...

Smiling or snarling, I do enjoy some Michelle Rodriguez. I've only seen a couple eps of Lost and it's cuz my friend recorded them specifically so I could watch her.

I want to start a campaign to have her cast as the Question. DC needs to become as shameless as Marvel and why not start there. Then again, you can't really see her great smile if she doesn't have a face. They'd have to totally rely on her body to entice ppl to see it...that doesn't look like it'd be a problem.