Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top 5 Tuesdays (T5T) Goes Arrrrrrrgggghhh

How cool is it that pirates still exist? Do they look like Johnny Depp? Do they really have eye-patches? And hooks for hands? How about maps? Do they have maps with a big "X" on them? And parrots. What about them? Is there a Captain Hook? Oh, so many questions.

This Tuesday, let's celebrate pirates. Give me your top 5 movies involving pirates of some kind. Here are mine in no particular order.

1. Ice Pirates

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

3. Goonies

4. Yellowbeard

5. Cabin Boy


Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Although I don't think I can agree that it's cool that *real* pirates exist, I'm still happy to see them in the fictional world on the screen!

My top three (couldn't think of five) are:

1. Pirates of the Caribbean
2. Cutthroat Island
3. The Pirate Movie - it's a musical! And from the 80's. What could be bad? Other than the hair...

Arrrgh matey!

Jason said...

(A.K.A. Bird Flu)
1. The Princess Bride
2. Captain Ron
3. Nate and Hayes
4. The Island
5. Pirates of the Caribbean-Although the two sequels almost knock it off the list.

Average Jane said...

You get extra points from me today for including "Cabin Boy." I love that movie.

PIPER said...


I like the mythology of pirates. Not the real ones who capture captains and the like. I guess I never really thought they still existed, except for movies.

I remember The Pirate Movie fondly in a not so fondly way.

Bird Flu,

I remember The Island being kind of creepy.

And the first Pirates is good, but the other two were not.

Average Jane,

I like Chris Elliot a lot. Sorry he didn't take off more. But he's pretty priceless in Everybody Loves Raymond.

Marc said...

Well, as far as smugglers in one form or another go:

1. Star Wars IV: A New Hope
2. Serenity
3. Sneakers (I couldn't think of another hacker movie that I like)

And my *real* movie pirate favs are (I would've included Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Goonies):

4. Swiss Family Robinson
5. Treasure Island [1950] (Maybe it's the story+nostalgia, but I'm quite fond of Treasure Planet as well)

I guess I just like Disney Pirates.

PIPER said...

Damn Marc,

Serenity is a good one. How did I miss that?

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Serenity is a bit of a stretch, no? Space Western for sure but Pirates without water? Hmm.

How I forgot to include Goonies is a complete mystery. Good call on that one!

Emily Blake said...

I'm glad to see The Pirate Movie has already been mentioned. I must have seen that movie three times in the theater and I own it on VHS.

In my defense, when it was in the theater I was like 4.

Features staff said...

Extra points to you for listing "Ice Pirates" first and foremost! Arrrrgh.

I would add Disney's "Treasure Island" and "Blackbeard's Ghost." Both good, solid family fun.

Megan said...

Peter Pan